Lucifer: 2.13 A Good Day To Die

A Good Day To Die mixes up the formula for the winter finale this week. Rather than a new case to solve, the episode starts where the last left off. As Lucifer goes to confront Chloe about her being a miracle he finds her with blood trickling out of her nose, evidently poisoned whilst apprehending the bad guy of the week, Professor Carlisle. So the hunt is on for the antidote.

It is quickly established that the antidote has been destroyed, and though the list ingredients can be found, the formula died when Carlisle slit his throat at the end of last week’s episode. Fortunately when the man who loves you is a celestial, death isn’t as much of an issue as it would normally be. As Chloe lays dying in her hospital bed Lucifer gathers everyone who knows who he really is at his penthouse with a plan. He is going to go to hell and get the professor to tell him the exact formula. Needless to say no one really thinks that this is a great idea but supports him anyway. Except for Charlotte who refuses to watch her son to a place that she despises and was trapped in for millennia. With Dan and Ella gathering the ingredients the plan is set into motion. Maze is to kill Lucifer and, after 60 seconds, Linda will bring him back. Meanwhile Amenadiel will make sure that Chloe isn’t moved so that Lucifer doesn’t move out of her mortalising sphere of influence before he is brought back to life.


Once dead Lucifer wakes up in the dark corridor of doors seen at the end of season one. However, this time he walks through one. The scene immediately changes from the grey ashy corridor to a bright day in a city, an upturned car with a screaming driver inside as Professor Carlisle run away after saving his laptop but not another person’s life. His own personal hell, reliving the guilt of his life over and over. Hell has, mostly, been an abstract off screen threat so far in the series and seeing it visualised like this was satisfying as it qualified why hell is so bad. Before we only knew it was bad because characters in the show said it was. But, now that it has been shown to us, we have more ‘first-hand’ information as to why. Hell in this universe manifests itself as the guilt or regrets of someone’s life and makes them live it over and over until they forgive themselves. But, as Lucifer informs Professor Carlisle, this has never happened before.

And so, with the antidote formula in hand, Lucifer leaves the Professor to his torment and prepares to return to the world of the living. However, as he re-enters the corridor there is a door slightly ajar. It leads to the penthouse where Uriel is playing the piano. After a brief moment of rejoicing at his brother presence Lucifer realises what this is, his own personal hell. Killing his brother over and over for eternity.

Meanwhile back on Earth. Maze and Linda are beginning to panic as they can’t bring Lucifer back. Then, unexpectedly, Charlotte steps in to save the day, offering to go to hell and drag Lucifer out again. This, eventually, goes o plan. But not until after it is revealed that charlotte feels guilty about Uriel’s death too. This was a bit of a revelation for me, not because Charlotte felt guilty but because she actually said it. This may be a turning point for her character; I still don’t trust her though.


Whilst all of was happening Dan and Ella were off collecting the ingredients for the antidote, and Ella got that character development I have been hoping for. When tracking down the final ingredient, which is illegal, Ella’s less than above board life before the police comes up. It turns out the only place that has any of the substance they need is a garage they don’t have time to get a warrant for. When they are caught breaking and entering by the owner of the garage Ella saves them, and in the process reveals that the owner is her brother. This could lead to some exciting stories in the future as Ella’s shady past comes back to haunt her, or maybe the illegal activities of her brother implicate him in a case.

The episode ends with Chloe’s life being saved and Charlotte telling Lucifer that she is tired of manipulating those around her. But when Chloe tries to carry on where they left off with Lucifer she finds the penthouse abandoned. It seems her status as a miracle is still getting to Lucifer. This new aspect of their relationship may be what it needs to keep moving forward and continue to be a dynamic aspect of the show. Overall this makes for a climactic winter finale and I am waiting with baited breath for the next episode.

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