Lucifer: 2.12 Love Handles

This week episode starts, as many episodes of Lucifer do with a sex scene. Except this one is different, it is between Lucifer and Chloe. After the kiss at the end of the last episode this seems only a little out of character, until Lucifer manifests some horns out of his forehead and Chloe reacts by smiling and touching them. At which point Chloe wakes up. In hindsight Chloe having a sex dream makes a lot more sense than her actually sleeping with Lucifer. The comedy of this scene comes from Maze, who is sat in Chloe’s room watching her in her sleep. Again reiterating her detachment from what is socially acceptable.

What this opening tells us is that Chloe does want to sleep with Lucifer. However, Lucifer says to Linda that he wants to take it slow and is nervous that Chloe kissing him isn’t actually real. This leads to a strange dance between the two of them during the case. As Chloe is uncharacteristically coming on to Lucifer, but Lucifer is holding back until he can establish that what is happening is real and not because of some manipulation.


The case this week is an odd one. The first body is that of a college freshman, and it is quickly established that he was poisoned. Soon after this a movie star arrives at the scene with a knife in his hand. He show them a video that was sent to him the day before, it is of a masked man saying that he would kill this random student if the actor didn’t cut up his face. The case progresses with more moral quandaries. A surgeon who can either destroy her hands or let another student die, and a track star who can either cut off his own leg or let an innocent die. The case culminates with Lucifer telling Chloe to go after the killer and then having to wait until she is far enough away for him to survive a poisonous gas.

These murders brings up the issue of whether people would choose to save their livelihood or an innocent stranger. Something else brought back this episode is CSI Ella Lopez. In the first half of the season she was my favourite new comer. However, in this episode she is a tad trite. The jokey manner in which she dealt with the bodies was no longer endearing and seemed strained. Her character hasn’t really been given a chance to develop and the brief story line of her being Lucifer’s odd connection to faith appears to have been dropped. Hopefully this will pick up in future episodes and her character will be given a chance to become more fleshed out.


Meanwhile Charlotte is messing things up, again. She spends the episode trying to find someone else to tell Lucifer that Chloe was put on Earth by God. Starting with Linda, who unsurprisingly doesn’t take the bait because she is fabulous. And ends up with Maze. Who tries to back out of it at the last moment but by then it is too late, Lucifer has seen a picture of Amenadiel with Chloe’s mother. This whole sub-plot is just another step in her overall story line, one which again involves trying to make someone else the scapegoat for Lucifer’s wrath rather than take the blame herself. To some it may seem that she is doing this so that her rocky relationship with her son doesn’t take a turn for the worse, such as Maze. But it is blindingly obvious that she is just manipulating those around her, including Lucifer, to get what she wants. And she wants to get back into heaven.

Another unsurprising thing to happen this episode is the cliff hanger ending. Lucifer goes to confront Chloe about her being a miracle and finds her with a nose bleed, the first sign of the poison they had been dealing with on the case. Whilst a shocking way to end an episode it is obvious Chloe won’t die and if she does Lucifer will find a way to bring her back. But overall this was a decent episode with an interesting a thought provoking crime, but I am still waiting on whether or not I am completely on board with Lucifer and Chloe being a ‘thing’.

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