Lucifer: 2.11 Stewardess Interruptus

After a pre-Christmas cliff-hanger Lucifer continues exactly where it left off. With Lucifer and Chloe leaning towards each other to kiss. However, this episode finishes this scene not with a kiss but with an interruption from one of Lucifer’s ongoing sex friends. At this interruption Chloe promptly leaves, telling Lucifer that it is for the best as them kissing would have been a mistake.

The next day when they are on their way to a crime scene Lucifer informs Chloe that he didn’t sleep with the stewardess, Jana, and isn’t planning on seeing her again. Just as the sheet is taken off the corpse in front of them, revealing Jana. The case goes on with another body, Raj, a man who was also on of Lucifer’s lovers. This addition confirms something which has been alluded to since the beginning of the series. Lucifer is not straight. It is nice to have had this confirmed. However, making the devil queer does play into some stereotypes of people who are attracted to more than one gender. Bi and Pansexual people are often stereotyped as being promiscuous and Lucifer definitely ticks that box. It will be interesting to see if this aspect of Lucifer’s sexuality will come up again in the show or just be pushed back into obscurity now that it has been acknowledged.

Since Lucifer is the only connection between the two victims that the police have found, Chloe interviews all of the people that Lucifer has slept with over the past eight weeks. The list is extensive. The interviews seem to be a dead end, none of the one night stands are attached enough to Lucifer to kill over him, until they mention a girl who is always at Lux. This leads to the apartment of Lucifer’s stalker; who is, though incredibly creepy, reasonably harmless. But what she does know is that Jana and Raj were friends. A detail that seems oddly forced, the LAPD usually appears to be a competent entity in the show but it missed this. Really? It is obvious that it was added for the effect of showing that the only person who ‘loves’ Lucifer in a romantic way is not one of his many lovers but someone who doesn’t even know him. Whilst this is an interesting point to make, especially with Lucifer trying to convince Chloe that he is worthy of her and wouldn’t be a mistake, it could have been done in a more subtly way.

Whilst this is happening Maze is having a bit of a crisis, again. After she and Dan gave Chloe’s father’s killer to the Russian mafia at the end of episode ten she is proud of herself. She spends the first half of the episode going around trying to get thanks for getting him killed and tries to go for a celebratory drink with Dan. Not understanding why Chloe isn’t happy her father’s killer is dead or why Dan doesn’t want to talk to her. This subplot surprised me, when Maze became a bounty hunter and moved with Chloe and Trixie it felt like she was fitting into society better than before. But this shows that she has a long way to go before she understands the differences in morality between earth and hell. Her distress leads her to Linda’s sofa and a free therapy session.

Where Linda informs Maze that her self- worth must come from within, a sentiment which doesn’t stick as Maze only hear Linda calling her awesome rather than being told to call herself awesome. Maze’s integration and increased interaction with humanity, mainly through Linda and Trixie, has been a heart-warming part of this season. It is a slow development but I would really like to see how far she gets and how much she changes.

At the end of the episode Lucifer and Chloe have solved the case and Lucifer goes on a monologue about why he will stop pursuing Chloe as he has realised she deserves better than him. Chloe replies to this by kissing him. I had a dual reaction to this, as I have to Lucifer and Chloe’s potential relationship throughout the series. One part of me thought ‘FINALLY’, they have been dancing around for so long I am glad something happened. But another part of me, the part that has always found Lucifer’s advances uncomfortable and wishes that this storyline had been put away for good. This part is also just waiting for Lucifer to find out that Chloe was placed on earth by God and that it is all part of the plan for him to fall in love with her, the fallout will be rather fun to watch.

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