Lucifer: 2.10 Quid Pro Ho

After last week’s cliffhanger ending, this episode opens with Charlotte with her finger on the button ready to blow Chloe, her car and the valet to smithereens. Fortunately Amenadiel steps in and stops her before she can go through with it; convincing her by saying that Lucifer will not rest until the killer was found if Chloe were to die. This is just about the only endearing thing that Amenadiel does all episode, as he seems to have fully joined Charlotte’s crusade to get Lucifer to come back to Heaven with them no matter who gets hurt in the process.

Meanwhile Chloe is preoccupied by the trial of her father’s murderer, Deputy Warden Perry Smith from My Little Monkey. But Charlotte interferes with this too, becoming Perry’s lawyer and using the case to try to discredit Lucifer and Chloe to each other. This paired with the death of the key witness leads to Perry being set free at the end of the episode. However, Charlotte is not successful in prying her son away from his attachments to earth, as both he and Chloe show that they truly care for each other and will stand by the other even if it means not getting exactly what they want.


When he hears that Charlotte is representing Perry in the trial, Dan is not happy. He finally realises that Charlotte sleeping with him was just so she could find information about Chloe. This leads to him going to try and fix the situation with Lucifer and Maze. When that doesn’t work he takes a darker turn and goes to Maze for help, getting the Russian mob to take Perry away for organising a hit on one of their men. This is a throwback to his corruption in the first season and may mean big things for his relationships with the rest of the characters as the season progresses.

I knew from early on in the season that Charlotte was going to be a bad guy in some capacity, but I am surprised by the direction that the show is taking Amenadiel in. After spending the entirety of last season learning how to live among humans he is bouncing back to being a servant, just to his mother rather than his father. The saddest part is that this season could have made an amazing storyline from Maze and Amenadiel learning to be on earth, be happy and see what can be great about being here and not in heaven or hell. There was a small amount of this in last week’s episode, but that was squandered this week when Amenadiel lied about the bomb to Maze’s face by telling her he missed her.


When Amenadiel goes to apologise, after seeing Linda, he bumps into Chloe’s mother outside the apartments. At the end of the conversation he leaves without even seeing Maze as the biggest reveal of the season happens. The reason Chloe is different is because God sent Amenadiel down to earth to bless her when her mother was pregnant. This leaves Amenadiel reeling, this entire situation, his losing his powers, may have been of his father’s design and he is not happy about it. I look forward to the next few episodes as this tense situation plays out.

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