Lucifer: 2.09 Homewrecker

My first takeaway from this episode, ‘Mum’ is awful and I was right; a realisation which is both satisfying, exciting and more than mildly daunting. Satisfying because I was right, which is nice. Exciting because of the plot prospects it proposes, whose side will her sons fall on? Daunting because whilst I know it is what makes shows fun to watch, I don’t want anything too bad to happen.

One of the most hated men in LA has just been murdered, a man who also happens to own the building where Lux is, Lucifer’s home. This leads to the dead tycoon's son immediately selling the entire strip Lux is on to try and settle his father’s debts. The new owner wants to tear it down and build a megamall, thus Lucifer is about to become homeless. This means three things, he has a conflict of interest in the case, he needs to find a way to protect his home, and everyone around him see’s just how much living in LA (or on earth) means to him.

When the movers arrive Lucifer is ready with a reason for them to stop their work, a raging sit-in party. The party is quickly visited by police, But Chloe does something a little unexpected. She says she will deal with it and then tells everyone to carry on, even dancing with Lucifer for a while. This scene gave me all of the warm fuzzies; they are friends having fun and Lucifer is learning what it means to have people care for you, which isn’t something he is used too. The changes in Chloe and Lucifer’s relationship throughout this season have been delightful. There is a slow burn and a build of trust that coincides beautifully with each character’s own personal development. But, despite this I am not entirely sure whether the two of them getting together would be something I would like. I will just have to wait and see.


Meanwhile ‘Mum’ is ever scheming. Upset that Lucifer doesn’t want to return to heaven with her and Amenadiel, the goddess of all creation leaps on to Lucifer’s connection to Lux and plans to level the building to destroy his attachment to earth. However, when she arrives the party is in full swing, so no boom for Lux. When Lucifer introduces her to Linda, the first thing she does is try to find out about Lucifer’s therapy sessions, a request Linda quickly denies. But, when the two women see Chloe and Lucifer dancing Linda lets slip about Lucifer’s feeling by getting ‘Mum’ to look closer. This lead to her to having a date with Dan just to get more info on Chloe and Lucifer’s relationship. I have been prepared for this since the character was introduced. I knew Maze would be the only one to see how conniving she is, I knew that someone would end up in the crossfire and I am unsurprised that it is Chloe.


However, whilst I saw this coming a mile off it doesn’t make the development any less interesting for me, or make me any less likely to continue watching the show. Lucifer is a police procedural, which make it inherently formulaic to an extent. I have watched a lot of American TV shows in this genre and the supernatural genre, I know the tropes and the signs, and yet I am still hooked. In Lucifer it is the little things, many of which are exemplified in Homewrecker. It’s Lucifer learning to function in society after an abusive upbringing, and Ella nerding out and reconstructing a champagne flute. So while Lucifer is incredibly trope-y that is ok, and sometimes part of the reason it is so great.

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