Lucifer: 2.08 Trip to Stabby Town

Linda is back! Sort of. After making-up with Maze on last week’s episode Linda has got Lucifer back on her couch. However, she is still distracted by him being the devil, which is entirely understandable. Throughout Trip to Stabby Town Lucifer goes in for various sessions, each time being interrupted by Linda’s curious questions about hell. This culminates in one session where Linda is the one on the couch and Lucifer is sat in her chair legs crossed over one another, mimicking Linda’s usual sitting pose. At the end of the episode, Lucifer breaks and says that he will tell her all she wants to know about hell Linda apologises and goes back to treating like a patient. Realising that though he is different Lucifer is still a person. I am glad that this storyline went this way. Linda was one of my favourite characters in season one and continues to be this season and it would have been to the series’ detriment if she had left. I am also excited for the prospect of Lucifer actually gaining more of the help he needs.

On the policing side of things, the citizens of LA have gone on a stabbing spree. Azriel’s blade has been stolen from Uriel’s grave and any human who comes into contact with it gets the uncontrollable desire to kill anyone they have even the slightest grudge on. This leads Chloe, Dan and Lucifer around LA following a trail of bodies. However because it is Azriel’s blade that is causing this, Lucifer can’t let Chloe know or let her find it. So he enlists the help of CSI Ella, whose appearances in this series give me so much joy, to find the blade before the LAPD. This leads to some secretive situations which gets Chloe a little jealous, but when she asks Lucifer about she believes him when he tells her it is purely work related. This case beautifully marries the supernatural and ‘normal’ aspects of the show, ramping up the tension of ‘when will Lucifer tell more people who he is?’ It also gives Ella some time to step to the fore; in previous episodes she has mostly been a side character ready to jump in with a witty remark or some CSI know how, but this week she is integral to the plot and I hope that this happens again.


Unfortunately Lucifer doesn’t manage to find the blade before the police, and Dan picks it up at the final crime scene. Unsurprisingly he goes after Lucifer, but surprisingly Dan is the only human to come into contact with the blade to have the strength to deny the urge to kill. After he lets go of the blade Dan promptly forgets what happened. This flip-flopping in Dan and Lucifer’s relationship is understandable, because you don’t just give up all that animosity in the blink of an eye, but it is also getting a little tired. So here to hoping they settle in to a comfortable yet heavily sarcastic friendship soon.


The finding of Azriel’s blade causes waves in the celestial side of Lucifer’s life as well, with him enlisting the help of Maze and Amenadiel to act on the information found by Ella. The two halves of Lucifer’s life crossover even more when he finds out that it was his mother who let the blade be found. Which she says was to get God’s attention so they could mourn together, but I am sceptical; she is still my least favourite part of the season so far. This leads to an argument at the end of the episode where Amenadiel and ‘Mum’ tell Lucifer that they are fed up with God ignoring them and they want to go home.

Which leads to an outburst from Lucifer; Earth is where he belongs, Hell was a punishment and he hasn’t been welcome in Heaven for so long that it is no longer home to him. This ties in well with the side plot with Linda because in comparison with the other celestials on Earth, Lucifer really is just a person. He may be weird, powerful and extremely old but he is a person with feelings and a mountain of Daddy issues; Earth is where he belongs now.


This episode was a solid follow-up from last week’s emotions fest and the disagreement between Lucifer and his family could lead to him finding out more about his mother’s real plans very soon...

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