Lucifer: 2.07 My Little Monkey

I love this show. This season has had its ups and downs but this episode reminded me why I watched all of season one in a day. All of the plotlines were wonderfully done and they tied together to make what may end up being the best episode of the season, at least for me that is.

After last week’s guilt driven rampage and revealing himself to Linda, Lucifer isn’t feeling all that great about himself. So he does the logical thing of shadowing and trying to act more like Dan, because Dan is helpful and recently Lucifer hasn’t been. This, inevitably, leads to much nonsense. First Lucifer just follows Dan around to see how he reacts to the world, then he goes as far as dressing like him and putting on an American accent. This all comes to a head when Lucifer follows Dan and finds him in an improv acting class pretending to be Lucifer picking up a hitchhiker. Dan’s acting is embellished but he gets early season one Lucifer pretty much spot on. Lucifer isn’t a fan of looking in the mirror and crashes the session, but afterwards the two have a heart to heart and realise that they both feel that they are lacking and see something in the other that they don’t have.

So I go back to what I said two weeks ago, Dan and Lucifer’s relationship is going in a direction I never expected and the two of them being friends will make for interesting character development and interaction. I found this story string of the episode very interesting as it was different and comical, yet at the end gave to male characters the opportunity to talk about their feelings and let their relationship develop through conversation, which was rather refreshing.

The case this week was personal to Chloe. The man who killed her Father prior to the show's beginning is being let out to see his granddaughter’s christening. Understandably Chloe doesn’t this well, but when he and his guards are shot and killed, all of Chloe’s expectations are thrown out the window. She finds out that her father’s murderer isn’t her father’s murderer, leading to her searching for the person who was really responsible. Chloe’s relationship with her father is something that is talked about quite a bit in the first season but has taken a backseat this year; this storyline was not something I expected but it brought back aspects of the show I had forgotten about and it was amazing. Chloe is a female character who is strong, intelligent and successful but still has problems, still has feelings. Her relationship to her father just adds to her character complexity.

Running alongside these two main storylines, Maze is looking for a job. She isn’t having much luck so goes to Linda to get a character reference. This is how Maze finds out that Linda knows she is a demon and that Lucifer has mucked up what she considers to be her only friendship, a consideration later rectified when Chloe points out that they are friends (yay). But Linda is still, understandably, rattled. She turns Maze away and says she is afraid of her. However, at the end of the episode Maze returns with her first bounty hunter pay check and Linda manages to work though her fear and accept that Maze is still the same friend she has always been. Maze and Linda’s relationship is one of the best additions to season two. Their care for each other is heartening to see and this specific development bodes well for the continued relationship between them and between Linda and Lucifer.

In the last scene of the episode Lucifer is back in his own clothes and has given up on copying Dan, but he also proves that he has learned something as he tells Chloe that her father would be proud of her. This leads to a heartfelt hug between the two, which is very sweet and it is nice that their relationship has developed. (However the scene is also rather amusing as there is a continuity error were Lucifer’s hands switch around on Chloe’s back). All in all a suitably emotional ending to a fabulous episode.

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