Lucifer: 2.06 Monster

Lucifer is a mess, the messiest of messes. Which is unsurprising considering he killed his own brother at the end of the last episode. This week sees Lucifer partying in Lux more and harder than ever before. This is a manifestation of a recurring theme both in this season and in Lucifer’s character, denial. In this case Lucifer is denying his guilt, an emotion he is not familiar with; after all he does enjoy punishing the wicked. And because Lucifer is acting out, naturally, the rest of the cast ends up dealing with it.


When the bride is shot dead at a zombie themed wedding Chloe is quick to arrive at the scene, Lucifer less so. When he does arrive he drinks eats the cake and begins to hook up with one of the bridesmaids, after getting a lead. The second Lucifer arrives on scene you know how much of a disaster it is going to be and how concerned Chloe is going to be, especially considering Linda’s appearance at Lux in a previous scene. But in all honesty this scene is a bit painful lot watch; whilst I do feel for Lucifer I can also see why Chloe is so annoyed at him and one of the noises he makes when kissing the bridesmaid is legitimately disturbing.

The case continues in a similar vein, Lucifer acting out and doing things that are definitely immoral and most likely illegal, ruining any small rapport that had developed between him and Dan last episode, until Chloe throws him off the case. Eventually Lucifer comes to his realisation, something that seems to happen to him a lot, kicking everyone out of Lux and heading to where Chloe is. Racked with his guilt he then proceeds to antagonise this week’s villain, as Chloe obverses later he actually wants to be shot.


Elsewhere in Trixie wants to go trick or treating and Chloe can’t make it home, so Maze takes her. After a costume change because 8 year old Trixie would rather be the president of Mars than a princess, which I wholeheartedly approve of (and on top of that her costume is fabulous), they set out and Maze manages to intimidate a large amount of sweets out of the local residents. Part way through their walk Trixie asks why Maze isn’t wearing a costume, Maze replies by getting Trixie to turn around and then letting her true demon form show, much to Trixie’s delight. This relationship is a large part of why I am excited for Chloe and Maze to be living together for the foreseeable future. Trixie was Maze’s first friend. And their interaction allow Maze, a character usually defined by her overt sexuality, to be more childish, to have fun without sex or torture being involved, to be more human. This short storyline is a nice piece of emotional and comic relief in comparison to the seriousness of the rest of the episode.

Amenadiel is also feeling guilty; if only he had had his powers to send Uriel home. This guilt is soothed by his mother. She talks to him and takes him to see Uriel’s grave, telling him he needs to let go of his guilt in order to grieve. I am still on the fence about good old ‘Mum’, she still hasn’t told anyone about her bought of super strength. I guess I will just have to wait and see when it comes to her, but I feel like it would be a bad idea to get too attached.


The episode ends with a therapy session. As I mentioned before early in the episode Linda goes to Lux because Lucifer has missed a session. So the first place he goes when he realises his problem is real and there and he needs to deal with it Linda is the first person he goes to. It also turns out that she is the first person he reveals his true identity to. When Linda insists on honesty Lucifer gives it to her, leading the episode to end with Lucifer leaving the room after Linda goes into shock.

Big reveals and developments seem to be happening constantly in this season but I think this one may be the longest time coming. A human finally knows that the devil truly walks among us; I am not sure how things are going to go from here but I sincerely hope that Linda can process and handle it. Therapy with the devil would be so much more interesting when everyone is in the know.

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