Lucifer: 2.05 The Weaponizer

There is a third angel in town and his name is Uriel. This is the first time in the series that another angel, outside of Amenadiel, has been introduced. After Chloe’s shock car accident at the end of last week’s episode it is revealed this week that it wasn’t an accident at all. Uriel is on earth to kill Chloe if Lucifer won’t uphold his deal with Goad and send their mother back to Hell.

Where Lucifer can coax the desires out of people and Amenadiel has pure angelic might, Uriel can mess with the future; he can see how the butterfly effect will play out. This makes him a difficult opponent as he knows people's moves before even they do. Lucifer’s first instinct is to send Amenadiel to fix the problem by beating Uriel into going back home. This doesn’t work as Amenadiel’s powers are gone. So when he turns up back at the penthouse beaten and bloodied Amenadiel is forced to tell Lucifer about his predicament. This was a nice development in the episode as there have been at lot of secrets and denial floating around so far this seas. This admission was a breath of fresh air from that, although it didn’t really help at all in getting Amenadiel his powers back.

Even with all of this angelic scuffling going on, Chloe is still oblivious of her situation. Back at work after the car crash, she and Lucifer are on the case of a murdered ex-movie star of whom Lucifer is a fan. The case in this episode twists around the victim’s ex-wife, played by Charisma Carpenter, and her new husband, who also happens to be the victim’s ‘rival’, Kimo. The identity of the victim creates a camaraderie I didn’t expect to see on the show. Both Lucifer and Dan are fan’s of the victim's action films; they banter and reference throughout the episode much to the confusion of Chloe and me both. If Dan is going to continue to be a fixture in the show, which it looks like he is, then this relationship could lead to some interesting storylines in the future.

Chloe is, as per usual, very work focused. Everything is about the case. She spends most of the episode reassuring various other characters that she is fine after her accident, be it Trixie when she is trying to stop her mom going to work or Lucifer when he is talking about the grand plans against her. But, at the end of the episode in a stand-off with Kimo she reveals that she is really scared, the accident shook her and made her feel like it could all be over in a second. Not only is this a rare pointof emotional openness for Chloe it is also against Uriel’s pattern. This reiterates the question, what is Chloe? Why does she have the effect she has on Lucifer? Will this begin to affect her interactions with other angels now that there are going to be more in the show? Some exciting stuff could be ahead on this front.

Uriel’s arrival also make my thoughts on ‘Mum’ even more complicated. The fact that she smirked at the sky after Lucifer let hr stay and that she hasn’t told anyone about her strength, makes me wary of what is to come in the season. However, in this episode she is the picture of the caring mother as she comforts her sons and even offers to go back to Hell to save Chloe. Is it all an act to make sure she stays out of her cell or does she genuinely care for her sons? I get the feeling we will have to wait for episode 13 to find out.

This episode, much like the last ends with a bomb shell, or should I say a heart stab. When Uriel reveals that he has stolen a blade that can kill his mother permanently, whilst also revealing that not all of the angels are male, Lucifer attacks. After a scuffle with Uriel and being aided by Maze, Lucifer plunges said blade through his brother’s heart, ending is life and dooming him to nothingness. The closing shots show Lucifer arriving back at the penthouse in a state of shock and hugging his mother for comfort. What does this mean for the future? What are the consequences of fratricide for angels? Overall this episode was enjoyable but opened up more questions than it answered.

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