Lucifer: 2.03 Sin-Eater

What do you do when your mother is in town? Especially when you are the Devil and most of your pastimes are far from PG? Well the latest episode of Lucifer delves into some really awkward situations. ‘Mum’/Charlotte spends Sin-Eater trying to learn about Lucifer’s life and regain their familial connection, while Lucifer spends it learning what it means to be embarrassed by a parent.

The episode also asked another question; why does the Devil punish? Lucifer asks himself this after there is a brutal murder, a rather nasty immolation and one of the show's most horrific deaths yet. A confessional video, apologising for a previous video the victim had shared, is uploaded to social media. Someone is punishing people by twisting their own 'crimes' against them. At first Lucifer is annoyed by the competition and wants to catch the killer so he can punish them in return but, after there is a second killing, he just wants to know why. As it turns out it is just because he quite enjoys it.

Meanwhile Maze wants ‘Mum’ gone, back to hell, so she goes to talk to Amenadiel, who is lamenting his current moulting situation by finding the bottom of a bottle. She manages to recruit him to talk to Lucifer without telling him why and the plan sort of backfires when he sees his Mother and both can’t and won’t send her back to hell. Amenadiel’s situation is intriguing, we still haven’t been told why he wings are dying, why his powers are failing, and we don’t know how he could go about fixing it. I am rather looking forward to seeing how the other characters react when they discover what is happening.

As for Chloe and Dan, Sin-Eater held a big moment. With Chloe being cold towards Dan for some time about his betrayal in season one, they finally sit down and talk about the situation with Trixie. Ultimately Dan tells Chloe they should get a divorce. I think this is a good development, as it will move their relationship forward and lead to Dan becoming a less irritating character. However, the lead up to this revelation on-screen remained awkward.

Aimee Garcia is once again amazing as CSI Ella Lopez. She joins Lucifer in making some inventive and hilarious yet utterly inappropriate puns about the fiery death of the first victim. Lopez and the actual crime are honestly my favourite bits about this episode as I feel that the character development was a bit dull and a bit lacking.

The episode ends with Lucifer sentencing his Mother to life on Earth as a human, rather than taking her back to hell. Subjected to an attempted mugging we quickly discover that ‘Mum’ is far from human. This isn’t something that surprised me as I was wondering where her godly powers where right from the start.

Overall Sin-Eater had an interesting crime but the long running stories on the side were either predictable or awkward; here's hoping next week’s episode is a bit more fulfilling.

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