Lucifer: 1.08 Et Tu, Doctor?

One thing I ma really enjoyable about the last few episodes is the chance to see certain characters from Lucifer encounter other very different characters from the show. Last week Chloe finally met Amenadiel (absent this time after last week's wing-burning incident), the week before Maze met Dan and now Linda got the chance to 'therapize' Lucifer's right hand demon. The scene in the bar where Linda sussed out Mazikeen was a delight to watch, particularly when the therapist impressed the demon with her skills of deduction.

Confined to her therapy room for the entirety of the season, Et Tu, Doctor? was all about bringing Linda out into Lucifer's world and it was a lot of fun to watch. After the devil seduced a judge into getting her on the case, Linda and Chloe actually developed some great rapport as they worked with Lucifer to solve the murder of another therapist, this one specialising in 'cheating therapy'. Anywhere else this idea would have been ludicrous, but it totally works in the craziness of LA. The two 'human' women in his life turning on him in the car was brilliant - any chance to see the self assured Lucifer squirm is a delight to watch, particularly his protestations that everyone else is wrong.

And it was also an episode that provided some growth for Linda. Rachael Harris is able to make her character a believable, intelligent woman, very cool headed despite the unethical nature of Lucifer paying for therapy through sex. Her fascination of his 'devil identity' and attempts to bring out his humanity have been one of the best aspects of the show and things continued to take a step further as she stood up to Lucifer and decided to put a stop to the physical nature of their relationship.

Much of her deductions were around Lucifer's jealousy of Dan and Chloe's renewed closeness. Since his encounter with Maze he has committed to being a strong father figure in doing so has reconnected with Chloe. It's almost made him too likeable in this show of morally ambiguous characters, which is perhaps why the episode ended with the twist that he was the corrupt detective that shot Malcolm. I'm not too much of a fan of where this has gone but it has gone some way to making him a more interesting character.

But really, the core of the show is just how much fun Tom Ellis is to watch as Lucifer. Walking into the therapy group for the murdered therapist's clients and taking over, inadvertently talking down the suicidal Richard Kester (Community's Jim Rash) and genuinely being good to be bad. Even then there is still a lot of sympathy for his character and discovering Mazikeen's dealings with Amenadiel brought a lot of anger and rejection that for now has broken that friendship. Of course, does this mean she is no longer bound to Lucifer? Given her own motivations as of late that cannot be a good thing.

Et Tu, Doctor? was a chance to bring Linda out into Lucifer's world and it was as much fun as you'd expect. It still wasn't the most riveting case (they never are) and there is still a lot of room to take things to another level in terms of the supernatural elements at play. But as while as it remains fun and doesn't descend into standard procedural monotony, then I am going to keep watching...

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