Lucifer: 1.06 Favorite Son

Last week Lucifer officially became a consultant for the LAPD and I began to worry whether the show would descend into a bog-standard procedural with a supernatural twist. While we have had five weeks of Lucifer and Chloe team up to solve a crime, Lucifer has so far had the charm and darkly-comic talents of its lead character and a connection to the Devil on each case to keep things interesting. Fortunately Favorite Son (I'm forcing myself to use the US spelling!) proved from the start that things were going to be far from dull moving forward.

And yes, Maze's look of despair as Lucifer declined a foursome with the two Brittany's was telling but his immediate exclamation of "boring!" as he discovered Chloe and him were hunting the murderer of a security guard showed that this was going to be another fun ride. Interestingly too, the writers kept the case connected to Prince of Darkness as it was quickly discovered the guard was murdered from trying to stop someone from stealing a shipping container belonging to Lucifer.

There is the sense that something dark and very dangerous is coming as we learned at the episode's end that the crate had contained Lucifer's angel wings. What this quite means for the lead character remains to be seen but surely Amenadiel's suggestion that Lucifer returns to Hell is not just for the sake of it. The episode has so far downplayed the consequences of the Devil abandoning Hell and I hope we see some of that darkness spill out - perhaps Chloe and Lucifer being forced to hunt down something that he once kept imprisoned in Hell itself?

I wonder if that is why things still seem bright, fun and altogether sunny. We saw more of Chloe and her family life this week, from Taco Tuesday to the adorable Trixie and her chocolate-covered face as she denied eating the birthday cake to her mother and father. Scarlett Estevez continues to be adorable as Chloe's daughter, even when she doesn't share any scenes with Lucifer; his presence was still felt here, corrupting her into taking what she wants. And there was a nice scene her father, Kevin Alejandro's Dan, who finally got some interesting screen time this episode thanks to his encounter with the mischievous Mazikeen.

Lesley-Ann Brandt's sidekick Maze is actually my favourite character on the show at this point and you could see her taking great delight in toying with Dan as he sought access to Lucifer's books to help Chloe find out what he was hiding in that shipping container. Sticking him naked in Chloe's bed was a hilarious attempt by Maze to distract Chloe from Lucifer and her get her old pal back - kudos to Alejandro for turning up in Lux in one of Chloe's pink tracksuits to confront Maze. There was a sense that she would eat him alive but there was also a spark between them that would make for an interesting development of these two key supporting characters.

And talking of support, I loved the new pairing of Linda and Amenadiel as he manipulated her into buying into Lucifer's 'devil fantasy'. Lucifer seeking therapy has been an fun aspect of the show and this took things to another level, with Linda finally seeing some of Lucifer's real anger towards the end. I suspect that being caught between an angel and the Devil isn't going to end well for her.

I kind of forgot about the case and I guess that is one area where Lucifer definitely needs to work on. But otherwise Favorite Son was another solid, fun episode that also seemed to be delving into a bigger story. I can't wait to see what happens when the real world and the supernatural inevitably collide and this week Lucifer seemed to take the first real step towards that inevitable destination.

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