Lucifer: 1.05 Sweet Kicks

The ongoing story started to gain traction this week in new and unexpected ways and while Lucifer seems content to play with the 'case of the week' procedural format there were signs of bigger things coming into play. Over the first four episodes we have seen Lucifer become more infatuated with Chloe, Mazikeen become more frustrated with the Prince of Darkness's embracing humanity and Amenadiel's conflict with both as he forces Lucifer to return to Hell.

I'm glad that after last week's 'shooting incident', Chloe didn't go completely back to being ignorant of who her new partner is, particularly as he continues to openly tell anyone who will listen that he actually is the Devil. His predicament - whether it is him becoming more human or just Chloe being able to hurt him - allows the show to keep the ruse going but I liked that she continued to question what sort of man he was.

And as the episode progressed she continued to be exposed to more of his dark, supernatural powers. Appearing suddenly in the suspect's bedroom despite her locking him in the car, working his charm on a fellow cop and her boss and then witnessing first hand the actions of Maze. "You're barmaid's a ninja?" she demands as his lieutenant single handedly took out the gang with one brutal move after another.

And talking of Maze, she continues to be the most intriguing character on the show with Lesley-Ann Brandt delivering a great performance that is a mix of sultry sexiness and danger. We learned a bit more about her this episode; she was his chief torturer in Hell and she is forced to protect him. I wonder if Lucifer suspected that her doubts about him could turn to betrayal as he was quick to remind her that had absolute power over her.

Unless of course Amenadiel finds a way to break that bond; together they targeted the two good people in Lucifer's life. He turned up as Linda's neighbouring therapist and angel or not I worry for her in the weeks ahead. As for Maze, she went straight for the source - Chloe- and there was something suitably chilling as she stood over a sleeping Chloe in her apartment. And that was before we caught a glimpse of her true demonic self in the mirror.

The show also took steps to progress the whole 'Lucifer having a direct link to the crime' scenario this week by having him use his influence and charm to become an official consultant to the LAPD - a kind of evil-Castle so to speak. Though I am not sure if this is a step in the right direction. While it would quickly become become implausible for Lucifer to know every victim and/or killer, going into a murder case cold will either make for an interesting perspective of humanity or quickly become stale. I hope the show doesn't remain a cop procedural with a twist for its entire run but I guess it depends on how far the makers want to take the show's premise in a new direction.

The case was a solid one this week and we did get a series of misdirections that started with a woman at a fashion show trampled to death after a shooting targeted at gang member turned fashionista shoe designer Benny Cho turned criminal mastermind. It certainly kept the pace as Lucifer and Chloe looked into a potential gang war before it was revealed that the victim was actually behind it all. Oh and poor Pig Daddy - surely the other victim in Cho's dastardly plan?

Tom Ellis continued to make Lucifer as fun as ever as Sweet Kicks had fun with his character and delved deeper into Maze's story too. There is the suggestion that the supernatural elements and powerplays could take the show in an exciting new direction, though making Lucifer an LAPD consultant could keep things light or become dull rather quickly. Lucifer hasn't lived up to its potential yet but I can see there is hope of getting there and in the meantime, it continues to be one of the most enjoyable shows on my weekly TV schedule right now.

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