Lucifer: 1.02 Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil.

Is humanity having an effect on the Devil? That is the question posed in the second episode of Lucifer as his connection to Detective Chloe Decker draws him further away from Hell. Oh he is still thoroughly evil but his fascination with the woman he cannot influence with his charms - just as there is her fascination with who he is - makes for an intriguing if destructive relationship between the two leads.

And that fascination is what really drives the second episode as they seek to learn more about each other. It was admittedly a slower pace than the slick, darkly-comic nature of the pilot, though not enough to lose my attention. I was concerned that the more the show delves into these characters the less enjoyable it might be but right now it still has me engaged. If anything Lauren German's Chloe felt more interesting this time as her background was developed, through her connection to seedy paparazzi Nick Hofmeister (AKA Douchebag) and the relationship with her ever adorable daughter. I loved the latest scene between Trixie and Lucifer as he turned up Chloe's home. Getting her to fetch the doll like a dog was cringeworthy funny.

The case itself was a little less interesting than than the first one, though the dark side of paparazzi fame was a good fit for the LA setting. I did like the idea of protegee Josh Bryant staging incidents - even going as far as murder - to get the winning photo. His crazy against pathetic Hofmeister made for a pair of despicable human souls for Lucifer to play with and the best scene of the episode had to be when he and his own protegee Mazikeen dragged the photographers into a gunfight to stage their own brand of demonic justice.

Lesley-Ann Brandt's Mazikeen continues to have great chemistry with Tom Ellis's Lucifer, pulling him back to the dark side when Chloe threatens to draw him towards humanity. And in the middle you have DB Woodside vengeful angel Amenadiel; their powerplay is definitely the most in intriguing aspect for the show for me at the moment. As for Ellis, he continued to have great fun as the Devil on vacation, traumatising the charlatan on the street in the beginning of the episode and using his charm on two female cops to get access to Hofmeister. And as for the Eiffel Tower reference?! We also got to see a bit of menace to his performance at time which is a great thing; if we are to believe he is the Prince of Darkness we need a bit more than flashing red eyes to show his evil nature.

I was also pleasantly surprised that Rachael Harris stuck around as Lucifer's 'sex' therapist Linda. Completely succumbing to his charms yet still managing to analysing and counsel the Devil even if she is of the belief - like Chloe - that his Lucifer Morningstar is a 'persona'. The great thing of course about this Devil is that he speaks the absolute truth all the time; it's just no one believes him!

There was still a lot about Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil to keep me engaged, even if the episode was a little slower than the first. I don't know if it will consistently maintain the momentum and how long it will be before Chloe's refusal to believe he is the actual Devil goes from realism to stupidity. But as long as the show maintains its black humour and as long as their twisted fascination with each other yields some twisted results, I'm in. Lucifer is one crime procedural I am planning to stick with.

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