Liar: 1.06

Finally it is all over...or at least it would be if it wasn't for the fact that Liar has been picked up for a second series.

The sixth episode of Liar starts off with Andrew enlisting Luke as an alibi for the rape of Vanessa before jumping forward into a three month time skip where Laura is dating Ian, the guy from the airport, and its seems like she is beginning to heal. The decision to have a time skip surprised me initially, but it was nice to see Laura had moved on somewhat and wasn't completely consumed by her anger.

When she sees Andrew out on a date, Laura reaches out to Charlotte, the woman he is now seeing. Naturally Charlotte tells Andrew who responds to by going to Laura's house and threatening her. But all was not as it seemed. When Laura reported the encounter to Vanessa, the audience observed Vanessa meet with Charlotte, who, as it turns out is a police detective undercover to try to catch Andrew out. This was another unexpected surprise.

With Laura back on the war path after Andrew's threatening phone call, she enlist both Tom and Katy to help her in stealing and searching Andrew's phone. It is made clear that she hasn't spoken to either of them since she found out about their affair, which is understandable, since if there had been no affair then she and Tom may have still been together, meaning no date with Andrew.

The information on Andrew's phone leads her to Mia and Sylvia's house, where she find Andrew's tapes. Mia is shown calling someone, presumably Andrew, but no one turns up. The tapes are given to the police and a warrant is put out for Andrew's arrest. Only when the police get to his house he isn't there. The police don't find Andrew, but the camera does. And, judging by the slit in his throat, he won't be bothering anyone anymore.

This ending begs the question of who did it? It could really be one of many.  Tom, who has lost his job because of Andrew and has been helping Laura throughout the whole process of her case. Or possibly Vanessa's partner Jennifer, who is shown to be uncomfortable with waiting on the police. Or it could have been someone else asked to commit Andrew's by Mia; after all, she had the key to the shed the whole time.

But, in the end, it doesn't matter. Andrew Earlham isn't going to hurt any more women and that was what matters. Of course there has to be something to write for series two...

As has probably been obvious over the past five weeks, Liar hasn't been an easy watch for me. It is uncomfortable at best and painful at worst. It has left me with a bitter taste in my mouth as I know that people like Andrew Earlham do exist, and they do slip out of justice's grasp over and over again.

So seeing him lying in a pool of marshy muck was, in some ways rather cathartic. However it wasn't as satisfying an ending as I had hoped. Though the inadequacy of the current system regarding rape and sexual assault is obviously a major theme of Liar, it would have been nice to see it triumph in the end, to see Laura's work come to fruition. Not only that but continuing this story, finding Andrew's killer and bringing them to justice, undermines some of the main points of the show.

As I said before, one of the messages of the show is that the system for charging rapists is inadequate; if it wasn't, Laura wouldn't have to go through all that she does. However, when she finally gets enough evidence, the system isn't even given a chance to work. Connected to this is the trauma experienced by both Laura and Vanessa. Now that Andrew is dead they don't get the satisfaction of knowing he has been put away and the comfort that the system does work sometimes. It will also likely make them suspects in series two.

As such, I do not plan on watching the second series as it seems to me that it will just be torturing female characters who have already been tortured enough for the sake of more episodes. Its annoying when a good ending is forfeited for the sake of making more. Liar is a book that should now be closed. Either way I am done with it.

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