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After four weeks of searching and fighting for her story to be taken seriously, Laura was ready to go a step further by the end of this week as we found out her plans for the vial of GHB. The original plan was to sneak it into Andrew's locker at the hospital, however this all goes pear shaped when Laura goes to steal her sister's key card and finds out about the affair between Katy and Tom. This affair has been a side plot throughout the show, I just haven't mentioned it yet because its relevance to the main plot wasn't clear until now. As Tom waits in front of the hospital for Laura, she sits in a pub getting drunk whilst her sister's marriage is a falling apart.

Of all the male characters in Liar, Liam, Katy's husband, is one of the nicest. He is an active parent and, as far as I can tell, a stay-at-home dad. When he finds out about what happened to Laura he is supportive and he supports Katy in her career. Compared to Andrew, Dennis, even Tom and Ian from the airport, Liam is a veritable saint of a man. It is only him and Rory, Vanessa's police partner, who aren't in anyway creepy or sexually manipulative at any point in the show so far. As such, even though we don't see a huge amount of Liam on screen, it is still saddening to see him finally realise what has been happening behind his back.

The other major effect of this reveal is that Laura's plan is ruined, as she can't face Tom right now. In terms of the narrative of the show I feel like this was a good idea. If Laura had gone to the hospital it would have basically had the same narrative effect as her breaking into Andrew's house. Sure there would have been a sense of suspense and fear of her getting caught, but now, the possibilities are opened up much further. And what does happen is arguably much more satisfying than if Laura had just planted the GHB.

After getting drunk and stumbling home, Laura realises that she isn't as fine as she has been claiming to be and finally goes to see a therapist. However, what the therapist has to say isn't what Laura wants to hear. The next time we see Laura she is drunk again and walking into a pub where Andrew is sat at the bar. We quickly learn that Laura asked him there and as Andrew gets up to leave Laura takes his drink and pours something in it when his back is turned. After luring him back with a promise to post on social media saying she lied, Laura leaves and Andrew takes a drink.

This is where the episode gets really interesting. Laura kidnaps Andrew and brings him to a boathouse on the side of the marshes. As he awakens we see Laura running rope around her wrists.

Once Andrew is fully awake, he and Laura begin to talk and after a few moments of being coy Andrew then reveals just how much of a monster he is. While he didn't kill his wife, he did tell her to kill herself and then watch her do it. If nothing else this serves to strengthen Laura's resolve. She is going to frame him, say he kidnapped her, and this time the police will believe her. However, she didn't bank on Andrew being able to get out of the ropes she tied him with.

Andrew's escape leads to a quite and suspenseful chase through the dark and confusing maze of boats outside the boathouse. Eventually Laura looses sight of Andrew and he then grabs her from behind. But, just as it all seems to be over, Vanessa arrives. For a moment it seems as if this is all over; Vanessa saw Andrew attacking Laura, but Vanessa isn't moving, because Andrew still has GHB in his system.

It is more than a little cathartic to see Laura give Andrew a taste of his own medicine. And, honestly, if the show had ended with Laura framing Andrew I wouldn't have been upset about it. That is one of the major questions Liar; how far outside the law would you go to see a monster go to jail? Especially when the entirety of the system seems to be stacked in their favour.

It is also nice to see the different threads of the show coming together. Throughout episode five, while Laura has been plotting Andrews demise, Vanessa has been coming to terms with the fact that Andrew raped her. This line of the plot was especially well done  as it shows that even people who are trained to know about and deal with cases like this find it hard to open up. At first Vanessa says that she is fine and refuses to tell anyone about what has happened to her. It is only when she is trying to convince a survivor to take the stand that she realises that she needs to take her own advice and not be ashamed of what happened to her, because it wasn't her fault. It was also a nice touch for the survivor she was talking to, to be a man, as male rape survivors are often not talked about.

Knowing both Laura and Vanessa's stories makes Andrew walking away at the end of the episode even more frustrating. However, there is something that we know that the other characters don't. Earlier in the episode we were shown where Andrew hides his GHB and the videos he takes of his victims. So there is hope.

Honestly I kind of dreaded sitting down to watch Liar this week. But this episode's bringing together and tying off of plot lines was quite satisfying. Now I am just sat in hope and anticipation for Andrew's downfall in next weeks final episode. Unless they decide to drag this out over two series like The Killing, in which case I would be highly unimpressed.

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