Let No Man Put Asunder

The problem with any fiction involving time travel, future visions etc. (and useful to know if ever such things become reality in real-life) is that it’s all paradoxical. Let me explain with an example. In this week’s FlashForward Demetri is 3 days from March 15th – the date we know to be the day he dies, given information gleaned from his and others’ FlashForwards. So he does everything in his power to stop it. But we have only seen 2 minutes 17 seconds of the future from just a few viewpoints. We, and Demetri, are unaware of the events leading up to it. Therefore, everything he does to try and stop it is probably what led to it. It’s a different way to play out the classic example, whereby for example, Arnie is melted down at the end of T2 so that Judgement Day, Skynet etc. never happens – but this was only possible because Arnie was sent back in time. He can’t go back in time if he never existed. And as such the tech won’t be destroyed. The one piece of hope we the viewer have as regards Demetri’s fate, is that the rules of the FlashForwards are still not entirely clear. We have seen Al Gough kill himself, and Abdi’s killing, therefore changing the future, but every other vision is tending inexorably to reality, despite attempts to avoid the outcome – Mark wearing Charlie’s friendship bracelet, Olivia and Simcoe getting together, Aaron visiting Afghanistan for Tracey. I wonder if it will come to pass that the future changed wasn’t so – I wonder if the dead men’s FlashForwards were interpreted correctly and so on. Granted, they did have one, which would preclude them from being dead April 29th based on what we know. But they are dead. Maybe we’re just not being told all the facts by the writers yet (or they’re not sure of them either!)? I guess we’ll find out when we know exactly what happens to Demetri. It’s unlikely he’ll die, just as its unlikely the precedent for changing the future has been set just to have Demetri die. Until the outcome is seen though, there is an unnerving feeling that something is still missing from this particular part of the puzzle.

This week’s episode had a new dynamic to it in that Janis is a mole and she is integral to the whole Mosaic investigation, she is close to the other agents (particularly Demetri now ;)) and she can be messing everything up for them even more so than Marcie seems to have done. Without them even concerning themselves with such an idea. It’s a retcon job on Janis, quite clearly (cues taken from 24 Day 1), given her arc to date in which she nearly died at one of the mole-effected events (rocket launchers, big boom booms). But it does add that extra edge to all that’s going on now. Who would expect a second mole, a pregnant one at that, who is such a resource for the team, to be a baddie?

So, what else is going on? Wedeck is working for the Vice-President, resulting in a link-up with Aaron Stark, Jericho and the potential downfall of the President. Olivia and Lloyd have declared their attraction to one another and have taken the first steps to a full-blown relationship which could be love or quite possibly is happening just so that Lloyd can get to the day of the blackout, understand his quantum entanglement device equations and stop another one from happening (cynical but the timing works given his recent realisation as to what his FlashForward showed him). There’s a lot going to happen come April 29th (got to be the finale?).

Next week’s episode, with a title hinting at a confirmation of, or change in the rules, looks to be an important one as we are right on top of the 15th March within the show. The date Demetri, and as we now know, Dyson Frost, are set to die – which time / paradox / future direction will the show take us and will it help us understand better the rules of the game?

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