Legion: 3.08 Chapter 27

Legion: 3.08 Chapter 27

Like the penultimate episode of season three, Legion's grand finale ends by looking to the beginning. A somewhat intimate affair, Chapter 27 delivered a wholly satisfying conclusion to the saga, wrapping up the conflict between David and the Shadow King, while offering a hopeful, alternate outlook to the future.

Picking up right where we left up, David and Charles teamed up to take on the Shadow King Farouk before he could enact his trap. The surprise return of the older Farouk was a welcome twist, pitting David against the enemy that stole into his mind as a child, while Charles faced off against the older, wider version. It made for an interesting dichotomy of young and old, rather than the standard rematch of the Farouk David battled in season two.

Younger Farouk versus the Legion of David's mind allowed for some Matrix-style effects as the Shadow King fought off hordes of Davids within their minds. David's defeat, restrained into a straight jacket within his own mind was disturbing, while there were plenty of surprises as the older Farouk both educated Charles in his telepathic abilities and then turned traitor against his younger self to change history. With David poised to bring the end of the world, it was a bold choice to make the villain the one that changes history for the better in the end.

The time demons also made one final impactful appearance as Syd, Kerry and Cary fought to save Gabrielle and baby David from them. Kerry permanently separating from Cary offered one of the episode's most heartfelt moments as she greeted him - an older woman - and addressed his as brother rather than old man. Just as delightful was the reveal that time traveller Switch was in fact a higher being. After the disturbing moment she lost her 'baby teeth', her reunion with her father and the reveal of her destiny brought her season three storyline full circle, allowing her to complete her part in the change of history so desperately sought in the final episodes.

The cover of Pink Floyd's Mother was sensational, as bold and entertaining as season two's Behind Blue Eyes. Music has been a huge part of the show, from the song choices of music supervisor Maggie Phillips to the electric sounds of composer Jeff Russo's wonderful score. You really felt the energy of the finale in that music and the duet between Dav Stevens and Stephanie Corneliussen as David and Garbielle was visually and audibly stunning. From rap battles to dance numbers, I will certainly appreciate what Legion has brought us.
The climax of the episode saw Charles telling David he adored him as he sought to change his path from killing Farouk, while the older Farouk gave his younger self the visions of his life to come, changing him from his dark, petty path. Between this and Switch's revelations, Chapter 27 offered a bold, satisfying conclusion, wrapped up in that lovely scenes between Syd and David standing over baby David's crib before they vanished from time - their destinies irrevocably ended and Legion delivering a well-earned happy ending as Charles returned home to his wife.

While Legion has sometimes faltered in its delivery, season three really was a return to form, embracing the madness while delivering a strong end to David's journey. It's a show I will certainly miss - comic-based shows can only hope to match the eclectic wonder of this three-season tale...

Legion (2017–)
Dir: N/A | Cast: Amber Midthunder, Bill Irwin, Dan Stevens, Rachel Keller | Writer: Noah Hawley

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