Legion: 3.05 Chapter 24

Legion: 3.05 Chapter 24

In the aftermath of the time demon attack last week, David went to war against Control and what followed was a breathtaking beautiful and very surreal journey into madness. With stunning cinematography, gorgeous music and a number of surprises, this may have been the best episode of the season yet.

David attacking Control in the opening scene was brutal and stylish; while his mind-wiping abilities were undoubtedly cool, the sensless bloody violence came not because they were attacking him but because they took something he wanted - Switch. As charismatic as Dan Stevens is in the role, David's villainous turn is disturbingly clear.

The sequence in which the Control airship headed into space as Farouk and David conversed on the astral plain was breathtakingly beautiful. As weird and wonderful as Legion has become, there's no denying the spectacular cinematography each week and there were numerous amazing sequences throughout the episode that added to the shows dreamlike quality.

David's attack on the ship really showed just how dark his path has become. Hamish Linklater's Clark was the real villain of the first season, hunting David down. But here he was a sympathetic man, broken by David: first by wiping the memory of his partner and then casting him into the depths of space. Clark's death wasn't the only shocking demise on Chapter 24; the wonderful Aubrey Plaza seemed to bow out of the show too. Traumatised by her experiences with the time demons last week, she no longer felt David's call to war, killing herself to rid herself of the pain. It was a haunting, bittersweet ending for the shows most MVP outside of Steven's David.

While David's crazed cultists went head to head in bloody battle with Kerry, the reunion between Syd and David wielded the episode's biggest surprises. Body swapping into David's mind, Syd and the audience uncovered the real horror lurking in David's mind. The titular Legion, hundreds of powerful personalities within him, seemed to cement the idea that he really is becoming the villain of the show.

Can David change history? In all his arrogance, he asserted to Syd that he could change what is happening, avoiding the bloodshed of the present. But what could this Legion in control of Switch' s abilities? Is Legion in fact the time demons we saw last week? Was David battling his future self? David certainly seemed to readily refer himself as 'we' in his brief confrontation with Farouk. It's the sort of twisted storytelling I would come to expect from this show.

I genuinely have no idea where the final season is going now. We have three episodes left and creator Noah Hawley likely has a number of surprise still in store for us. It's sure to be a rather unique ride, complete with another musical number or two. Few shows could end with a character ensemble song like Legion just did...

Legion (2017–)
Dir: N/A | Cast: Amber Midthunder, Bill Irwin, Dan Stevens, Rachel Keller | Writer: Noah Hawley

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