Legion: 1.07 Chapter 7

In Episode Seven; Syd is finally validated by her hunches in episode six, where persistent feelings that things appeared skewed when she found herself back as a patient in a psychiatric ward from episode one. It turns out it was all an elaborate facade created by the parasite, which in the episode we find out its real name and origins. The parasite seems to have completely taken over David’s mind, and the real David is locked him up in what looks like a coffin in the abyss of his sub-consciousness. Episode seven is dense to say the least; consisting of one continuous cataclysmic event abruptly followed by another. It is all incredibly visual arresting with rich and lavish special effects and uber-stylish graphic; turning out to be a 2017 TV highlight.

The good news is that David manages to ‘free’ himself in episode seven, at least temporarily, with the help of his own alter ego, a British accented version of David (possibly Stevens real accent) and thankfully realize it wasn’t all some elaborate dream; the mutants are in fact mutants; with powers and not psychoses. In episode six they all seem at the hands of their devious therapist Lenny Busker (Audrey Plaza). Plaza, owns the role as Lenny in this episode, turning from villainous doctor to bona-fide killing monster. Her eyes and facial expressions give her this erratic, unhinged but also other-worldly quality.

We discover Lenny and The Devil with the Yellow Eyes are one and the same, taking on each other’s guise on a random rotating basis. Lenny has created or rather infected David’s astral plane; the façade of the psychiatric ward has now been replaced another illusion; that of killer zombies. Syd, Kerry and Cary are now on a mission to rescue David. Cary manages to create some spiffy glasses that are distinguish what’s real or not; putting glasses turns everything black and white and non-illusionary. Far-out stuff!

Cleverly the show’s creators take advantage of this film noir-esque portion of the show and proceed to give this segment the silent movie treatment; complete with title cards. Lenny locates our wandering mutants, corners them and is set on killing them. The way the scene is presented is genius and wacky; using the plot to influence the special effects and the graphics. It all works very well, as viewers may think its going off on tangents, but in fact everything is integral to the overall story. There seems to be an endless pot of brilliant ideas to be explored and in a way, the show creates a platform where there isn’t one specific visual and plot theme; it can go either way, which must provide a sense of freedom to directors, actors but also the viewers.

Whilst Lenny is on course to kill our mutants, David is still in his coffin prison, where a mental manifestation of himself, in a British accent, appears. Together to decipher how David got there, retracing the series of events that got him to where he is. In that moment, another eye-catching scene, where a setting change transports us to a lecture theatre with surround by tall-black boards, where animated chalk drawings start take a life of their own and start to reconstruct of David’s life, from the very beginning. It seems that the parasite was originally defeated by his dad, but its soul managed to infiltrate its way into David’s body and has been living there since; feeding-off and suppressing on David’s immense mutant powers. It is here we get insight into the parasite’s name, Farouk. Farouk indicates to some further elaborate story; which hopefully will be explored at a later stage.

At this point David, suddenly regains consciousness and slowly starts to re-acquire his powers; finding himself back at the room of his childhood’s house about to be shot; where viewers where left off, at the end of episode five. It is there David and Syd and a series of bullets stuck in mid-air on course for them, shot by The Eye, are all frozen in time. David’s powers save the day, rescuing Syd and himself; by grabbing the bullets and now that the reverse has happened and the parasite is imprisoned in his head, for how long though? As the mutants find themselves back into Summerland; the final scenes see The Interrogator turns up, with half a melted face, with his troops; holding everyone at gun-point. Never a dull moment!

There we have it, another incredibly intense episode; the shows writing team simply don’t hold themselves back; they are relentless in unleashing one beautiful shot after the next, one suspenseful plot strand after another; the results are truly astounding and I can safely say the viewer is never bored.

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