Legion: 1.05 Chapter 5

Chapter Five proves to sabotage, even further, what we have just come to accept the crux of the story with Legion. Just when viewers may have settled at the thought that the overarching plot is for David to slowly claim his mutant super powers and initiate the mutant revolution; we are now not sure if it was David all along; it may have been any of the number of personalities that appear to be co-habit his mind and body. Creator Noah Hawley is intent on confusing viewers as the episode is not short of plot twists and intensity, with equal dashes of sci-fi and psychological thriller; where the lines of what is real or memory or dream or a space in David’s astral plane, are all blurred.

David Haller (Dan Stevens) manages to create a space in his astral plane; a love shack of sorts, which looks like a large white hotel room, where Syd and him can physically touch and more importantly, finally have sex. David assumes that its Syd first time only for his ego to be thrashed when she surprises him with a rather scandalous past encounter with her mum’s boyfriend; who she tricked him into sex by inhabiting her mum’s body; obviously fodder for a potential future plot.

When the two, post coital, come back to reality, whatever that maybe; David seems to have a newfound confidence, to the point of arrogance, with a new resurgence his is hell-bent on rescuing his sister Amy and unbeknownst to everyone he takes off on his mission. It is perhaps this character change in David, that viewers may question that David’s personality appears to be on rotation by the many characters that seem to be inhabiting his body; in more normal circumstances we would be talking about multiple personality disorder but in Summerland, Cary reveals, after revising David’s brain scans, that maybe he is infected by a parasite, the main one being the egg-shaped devil with the yellow eyes.

As the other mutants follow behind David to Division 3, they find all the guards killed, with body parts all over the place, weirdly melted into the prison’s walls and ceilings. CCTV footage show David entered the site like a typhoon, destroying everything that comes his way, in an effortless fashion. They reach Amy’s cell to discover she has been freed. David seems to have teleported Amy and himself back to their childhood home and it is there we have another revelation; Amy tell his him that he is adopted. Shocked at the news, the innocent David remerges, but he is now in delirious state as all these characters he co-habits come out to the surface, Benny, Busker, the Angriest Boy etc.


So now we have another can of worms to contend with; the issue of David’s origins. Possibly another thread to the story, will this lead to mutant parents? Did the military forces separate David from his body? Certain thoughts come to mind that there may be some involvement with Oliver and Melanie Bird or would that be to obvious in Noah Hawley’s convoluted plan. Hawley seems to be continuously creating new potential scenarios; which one will grow to a fully-fledged storyline is hard to guess.

The episode ends as the others arrive at the house, with The Eye on their tail . There seems to be some of sort sound barrier as they discover, that they can’t hear anything or each other, once they enter the premises. Despite no dialogue or natural noise a rather brilliant soundtrack accompanies these scenes; intense violin screeching, ramp up the tension, as our mutants make their way through the house, from room to room, looking for David. The violins are then followed by dark, heavy-bass electronic sounds, at the exact point Syd locates David, who is held captive by his alter ego, Busker. The Eye surprises them and enters the room with gun and hand and shoots; Syd shouts at David to take them to their bedroom; dodging the bullet.


However, there is no solace once they are in the room, as the unpleasant looking Devil with yellow Eyes in Fred Flintstone outfit immediately appears and heads straight for Sydney, David is immobilized unable to stop him. The room changes from white to an intense fuchsia is he gets closer to Syd and in that moment, something rather brilliant and perplexing occurs; Syd closes her eyes and then opens them to find herself back at Clockworks as a patient, in a therapy group surrounded by all the other mutants as patience also (including David, Melanie and The Eye) with Busker as the therapist.

A rather twisted ending which raises even further questions: is another reality? was it simply all a dream? Do we find out next week?

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