Legends of Tomorrow: 4.13 Egg MacGuffin

Legends of Tomorrow: 4.13 Egg MacGuffin

The Legends get up to some good old fashioned time travel adventuring this week... well, at least some of them do!

Ava and Sara are trying to make things work after their trip to purgatory last week, which involves Sara going to Ava’s book club with Mona and (comatose) Nora. Sara spends the first part of the episode trying to work out how she can do this for Ava while still being a cool, time travelling super hero. Part of her taking a back seat to concentrate on her relationship involves sending Nate and Zari on an easy mission together. This sets us up with a nice mix of Sara and Ava being domestic and Nate and Zari on an old school Legends adventure.

The third strand revolves around Mick and Charlie attending a romantic fiction convention.  After Mick, who writes under a female pseudonym, is invited to appear for a hefty fee they hatch a plan for Charlie to stand in as his alter ego. This plot mainly works to provide some fun comedy moments but when the ruse is found out Mick gets a nice little speech about the power of writing and how fantasy allows us to feel and experience emotion through stories. It was a genuinely nice moment addressing the nature of fantasy and romantic fiction as well as the desire to write; it worked especially well with Mick who is the comically aggressive, monosyllabic muscle. This shows us how he emotes and why he writes, turning what possibly started as a fun gag (he writes erotic fantasy) into an important point of character development.

Ray spends the episode trying to get Nemon out of him - we see that he wasn’t fully possessed last week, Nemon needs a willing host. The idea that the possessed can’t speak Nemon’s name of tell people that they’ve been possessed helps narratively as it wouldn’t make sense for Ray to willingly keep this a secret from his shipmates. We get some split personality stuff with Ray talking to his evil reflection and these scenes are very nicely shot and played out. The Zari and Nate story plays out really nicely, with the two thinking the whole thing is fake, set up by Sara to try and get them together. I’ve enjoyed seeing Zari and Nate building a connection because they’re very different characters and I find that not just more interesting but weirdly more realistic feeling.

A highlight of the adventure (to collect a giant, magical, golden egg) is when, thinking it’s all fake, they both agree the adventure needs Nazis - cue Nazis, which they then think is overkill. It’s the show’s witty self referencing that helps keep it entertaining and this little nod to the show’s earlier formula of dressing up in historical garb and fighting historical bad guys (so often Nazis) reminds me how much I enjoy and feel in love with that formula. It’s good for the show to keep evolving but the back half of the season feels a bit low on the historical adventuring.

The interesting conclusion this week is Gary; after Nemon threatens to kill Nate, forcing Ray to give himself willing, Gary turns to the dark side and joins the demon after he returns his missing nipple. The image of a bloody, severed nipple crawling across the floor towards Gary was both hilarious and horrific in a very Evil Dead way. I like Gary getting pissed off at everyone being mean to him and putting him down and so turning on them when tempted by evil. It might have been stronger if he’d been a more benign, well-meeaning character all along but he’s been a bit of a creep and truly incompetent. Ray admitting that (when Nemon threatens to kill a loved one) he only likes Gary was a funny and strong moment of realisation.

Sara and Ava abandoning their book club - which was just about drinking wine and going out with Nora and Mona - to go save Nate and Zari while in their sweatpants and cardigans was fun. I didn’t really get why Mona decided she needed to blow Mick and Charlie’s cover at the rom-con, though?

This was a nice episode with lots going on, it’s pushed several characters forward as well as positioning us for the impeding season finale - and seeing as how the golden egg turned out to be a dragon egg, it’s should be a good one!

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