Legends of Tomorrow: 4.10 The Getaway

Legends of Tomorrow: 4.10 The Getaway

This is more like it, the Legends stuck in an RV with a kidnapped Nixon who can only tell the truth.

The Legends are alerted to an anomaly; Nixon telling the truth. A truthful Nixon could be catastrophic for the timeline so the team head to 1974 to make sure Watergate happens. This involves them kidnapping Nixon and stealing an RV in order to drive cross country.

The Getaway mainly focuses on secrets and lies. Constantine quickly identifies the reason for Nixon’s uncharacteristic behavior is a little magic beetle, that flies down a persons throat and feeds of their negativity, forcing them to only tell the truth. Capturing the beetle is pretty easy but keeping it captured, after Mona punches a massive air hole in its jar, is the tricky part.

We get some fun sequences of the characters trapped in the RV with Nixon telling truths they hadn’t really wanted to share, mostly for comic effect. Mona and Sara are afforded the most meaningful truth tellings, with the former confessing her pain, fear and heartbreak over her lost love and new werewolfy powers and the Sara confessing that she thinks she and Ava may actually be done for good now. Not a great deal really happens this week, its almost a bit of a bottle episode with most of the Legends stuck on the RV but it allows for some really fun Legendsy shenanigans.

Nate, who still doesn’t trust his dad, spends the episode driving around with him disguised as state troopers trying to catch the Legends and rescue Nixon. This is the kind of thing I want from Legends of Tomorrow; its silly and doesn’t make sense but creates nice moments for character interactions and fast forward developments. Nate and hank in the car together is especially nice to watch as the two men skirt around the tensions and emotions they have for each other, with Nate especially feigning some interest in his father’s interests just to distract him and keep him off the scent of the Legends. A closing scene where the truth bug gets into Nate and he blurts out how he really feels and his lack of trust for his father (as well as being open to a relationship with Zari) was especially fun.

Nice side elements of the plot this week are Zari working like a 70’s radio DJ giving coded advice and guidance to the Legends and Nate via the radio and Charlie literally getting forgotten about - twice. After being left in place to impersonate Nixon the Legends just go off and leave her behind. Its kind of reflective of how I feel about the character, I forget she’s there! She doesn’t contribute as well a she might have and she’s just so unbelievably extremely extra British it wears a bit thin! Forget her more often, I say.

The episode ends with a sad but inevitably death. I felt that Hank wasn’t going to make it out of the season alive and his death was a shame as we were just getting to him and Thomas F Wilson is so much fun to have on screen. We now know a little more about The Big Bad as well as a clear indication that Hank wasn’t so bad after all. Nora being accidentally perceived as Hank’s murderer was a bit of an obvious step but at least, for us as audience, it does show another moment of (attempted) redemption for her. It did hark back to how heartbreaking it was when Stein died and I feel like the show lacks that strong emotional heart, I doubt I’d feel as impacted by the loss of any of the characters still in play (probably Ray?). A great gag this week was Nixon, while telling the truth, telling the Legends that growing up with the name Dick meant he was bound to turn out an arse-hole.

Since its season break Legends of Tomorrow has failed to really go full Legends of Tomorrow but this week was a fun, character episode with a big step forward for the season arc.

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