Legends of Tomorrow: 4.09 Lucha de Apuestas

Legends of Tomorrow: 4.09 Lucha de Apuestas

Yaaaay Legends of Tomorrow is back and... oh.... um... in a pretty lacklustre episode actually. After what seems like a very long season break the Legends return with a slightly unsatisfying first ep, especially in the light of their epic cliff-hanger.

We start off spending a lot of time Gary and Mona and then you get that sinking feeling, the one you get when you realise Star Trek: The Next Generation is focusing on Beverly or The Simpsons are doing a Lisa story; this episode is about Mona. I don’t have any major issues with Mona but she’s just one character too many for me, she feels like a bundle of kooky clichés thrown in the mix for added laughs. While this episode does manage to counter this a little she’s still not someone I’m interested in enough to want to spend a whole episode with.

I did enjoy the moment when, thinking Mona was a responsible for releasing the magical creatures, Ava tasks Gary with flashy-thinging her. He busts into her room in hospital and gets a little high and mighty about betrayal, allowing her to grab the flashy-thingy and neuralize him a half dozen times causing Gary to forget who he is - leading to a fun moment of him freaking out about having a nipple missing. I still haven’t got over Gary’s creepy plan to seduce then neuralize Mona back at Thanksgiving, so this felt like a just move.

The Legends find themselves in 60’s Mexico (Meh’hi’coh) where Konane has been hiding out as a Mexican Wrestler. This would seem like a perfect place to mine meta jokes and cultural interest but it really only scratches the surface of Mexican and Mexican Wrestler culture and doesn’t really riff on the masked hero thing at all, which seemed surprisingly un-Legends of Tomorrow like.

The most fun part of the episode is Sara and Ava doing an angry exposition tango at Hank’s befit for his hemophiliacs charity. This is also a nice nod to Hank’s character that he is shown to have been raising awareness and funds for this charity; in case anyone has forgotten Nate suffered with hemophilia, pre-super powers. Nate and Zari spend the episode investigating Hank’s involvement with the Men in Black and Mona’s attack. As it becomes clearer to them that’s he’s up to no good, it becomes clearer to us that he probably actually is a goodie. I’ve enjoyed the inclusion of Hank; Nate as a character has grown on me but he definitely needs an emotional counter-balance character to keep interesting.

Constantine feels very neutered now we’re back but we’ll let him off after the mid season finale involved a lot of magic and turmoil for him; he’s allowed a little rest from the central narrative but he lacks bite when he plays well with the Legends.

The episode ends up with Mona - having tried to run away with Konane only to see him killed by the men in black -  werewolfing out and killing the agents. This was actually a surprising and fun twist with the transformation done especially well. I’m still not on board with Mona in general but at least it’s clear the show had a plan and a path laid out for her.

This wasn’t a bad episode at all but it focused on characters I’m less interested in an only skimmed the surface of its historical setting. It was a little disappointing after such a long break not to come back to something a bit more mental, a bit more Legends of Tomorrowy.

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