Legends of Tomorrow: 4.06 Tender Is the Nate

In an attempt to secure their funding, it s decided to take Hank on a mission in time to show him what the Legends actually get up to. There is a great scene when Hank gets a tour of the Waverider and witnesses the oddness of the Legends while Sara tries to keep things in order so she can impress him and keep their jobs and funding in tact.

It seems that the Legends do in fact work for the Time Bureau, which is US government funded – I’m pretty sure the Legends own the Waverider (if anyone does, as its from the future and was stolen from a group of people who have now all been destroyed…) and could just sod off and do their own thing. Its not like anyone at the Time Bureau could stop them, seeing as how everyone who works there is incredibly inept.

We finally get Nate meeting Charlie this week and its a predictably Legends scene, the team all round around trying to keep Nate from meeting Charlie without warning him. Its also decided that Charlie should pretend to be Amaya in front for Hank for… some reason? Classic Legends. It is nice to see them deal with this story strand, though Nate seems to get over it pretty quickly – and by the end of the ep they’re sharing a beer at a Waverider Pizza Party.

The big gag that works really nicely here is the depiction of Ernest Hemmingway as a macho dick (there is a monster in 20’s Paris). This is the kind for historical joke Legends of Tomorrow does really well. Nate’s dad is, predictably, a Hemmingway fan and so when presented with the great man himself in a bar waxing lyrical about his exploits, decides that the only way to get to the bottom of the problem, is to have a drink and hang out with Hemmingway.

The team soon find out that a Minotaur is loose and, with Constantine’s advice its discovered that playing a lute and singing is the only way to sooth the beast and subdue it. This works effectively at first but Hank, now drunk and not prepared to admit Nate and the Legends know what they’re doing, tries to shoot the minotaur, breaking the musical spell and causing the minotaur to run off. This of course sours Hank and Nate’s relationship as well as with the Legends.

This episode also spends time with Mona, the new tedious character they’ve introduced. This weird, female Gary type is a character too many and really irritating. I don’t know that there is any need for a new character, though they’re clearly trying to bulk out the Time Bureau team a bit but there are only so many truly inept employees the Bureau can have. Mona is trying to impress Ava and, accidentally, in her desire to help stoke a romance between Ray and Nora, gets Nora, Ava and herself locked in a containment room with a few bottles of wine. These bonding scenes aren’t that great, especially with Mona being a central part of them but they do allow Nora’s character and vulnerability to shine through a little as well as giving her a chance to confess that she quite likes Ray (of course she does, he’s awesome). The final reveal that Ray has shrunk himself down and hidden in a love letter to try and sneak in and see Nora is a great, fun gag.

Hemmingway (with new bestie, Hank) leads a party to kill the beast and end up chasing it from the sewers to the bar. Its here that, during the finale, Hank finally trusts his son (and his plan to sedate the beast) by grabbing a guitar and singing soft folk – its great to see Thomas F. Wilson do a little singing (embracing his post back to the Future singing-stand-up comic career) and the scene is not only funny and oddly touching but totally Legends – which Sara comments on, making it even more Legends.

This was another fun and irreverent story with a little end scene stinger that suggest the government, under Hank, may be planning to weaponise the magical creatures, which may be the early signs of a full season villain, the only thing lacking so far this season.

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