Legends of Tomorrow: 3.09 Beebo The God of War

Hot on the heels of their excellent final chapter in the Crisis on Earth X episode, Legends of Tomorrow brings us a real doozy of an adventure that packs a whole lot in before its mid-season break.

With Stein dying during the crossover event it was inevitable that this would be the show that felt the impact of that event story the most. The story opens with young Stein, on the 5th day of Hanukkah, waiting in line for the must have Festive season gift, Beebo. After Legends does Jingle all the way, Stein gets shifted in time to Viking occupied America where, inevitably, the Vikings believe Beebo to be a Norse god. Classic Legends of Tomorrow stuff.

There is a lot going on in this episodes but it never feels rushed or over stuffed. We have alt-earth Snart trying to heal the grieving crew with a Stein puppet as well as attempting to mould our Rory into his Rory and of course, the main bulk of the emotional narrative is given over to Jax dealing with the loss of Stein.

The plot is too crazy and jam-packed to summerise in a review but after they request help from agent Sharpe - who continues to angry flirt with Sara - Team Legs manage to convince the Vikings that Beebo is a false god, after Rory burns it to a cinder during a superbowl style fight sequence. This avoids modern America existing under Viking rule (though it doesn’t seem to bad) and Christmas becoming Beebo Day. However, the arrival of Damian Darhk and his boring daughter, disguised as Norse gods (much to the annoyance of Ray who had suggested the Legends try that idea in the first place) messes up the time line again.

There are plenty of well played laughs during a sequence of the team imagining how their various attack plans would go which is great fun, as well as a moment in the actual plan when shrunken Ray manages to manipulate the Beebo doll to convince the Vikings that Jesus is the one true god after all – thus getting history back on track - while stressing that evolution, science and global warming are all real.

This is a very funny episode, with strong comedy that never detracts from the underlying narrative and the drama of losing Stein. There are moments where I felt a welling up and I’m going to really miss the character. Its great to have Snart back, especially this more heightened, goody-two-shoes version but Stein leaves a big hole to fill. After Jax tries to create a loophole to save Stein's life with a Back to the Future style letter to be opened just before he dies (which he rejects) we’re treated to a second goodbye as young Stein delivers a similar but heartfelt speech to Jax about having lived a good life of love and adventure. This spurs Jax to leave the team and after a cozy Christmas dinner with his Legends family, Jax walks off the ship forever (or until the show returns, maybe…).

We get lots of characters development this week with Sara and Sharpe’s relationship developing nicely after the early obvious sparks (though I could see Sharpe getting fridged by the finale) and Alt-Earth Snart and Rory working out their dynamic a little more. The Viking’s are all good fun with just enough motivation and progression to keep them interesting. Amya is still annoying but doesn’t do much this week. We learn a bit more about Rip’s fate, what the now chaotic Time Bureau is up to as well as an interesting insight into the mysterious Big Bad after Sara follows Darhk briefly into the dark magic dimension he’s been hiding out in.

All in all a fun, interesting and at times emotional mid season finale with one of the best cliff hangers Legends of Tomorrow has given us to date: John Constantine! I love Constantine, I love Matt Ryan in the role and I was disappointed that the TV show got cancelled just as it was starting to show promise. When he popped up in Arrow it was a nice moment and when he turns up here it really feels like a moment from a comic, which his smooth, not really caring about what else is going on confidence. Perhaps the best way to use Constantine is as a character who just turns up in other shows, wrangles some mayhem and moves on. His re-use here is also great testament to the popularity of the character and Matt Ryan’s portrayal.

I’ve really enjoyed this season of Legends of Tomorrow and this was a perfectly toned episode to help us move on from losing Stein from the DC TV universe. I’d still be happy to see him return at some point but as it stands, I can move on and look forward to the second half of the season!

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