Legends of Tomorrow: 3.05 Return of the Mack

If last week’s 1980’s ET homage wasn’t enough for you, this week Legends of Tomorrow gets its teeth into vampire movies (little vampire joke there) in this Hammer Horror inspired, Sherlock Holmes referencing, Jack the Ripper-esque episode.

This is Legends doing what it does best and everyone gets to wear a hat.

Rip has gone rogue from the Time Bureau, which I don’t get since he set up the Time Bureau but Rip just loves going rogue. He’s sneaking around Victorian London looking for vampires or the season big bad or something. Inevitably he teams up with Team Legs and everyone puts on hats.

After finding a local doctor has been bribed with a modern-tech watch, the team do some digging around and learn there is a weird vampire cult in London, headed up by Stein’s ancestor – a pompous, Victorian actor. I think the only reason they had this element to the plot was so Victor Garber could do his English accent. After Idiot Nate gets kidnapped and everyone else has to save him, again, they discover the cult isn't actually vampires but steam punk crazies who are draining people’s blood (with a double syringe, so it looks like a vampire bite, clever) in order to resurrect their master… Damien Darhk!

Someone always stays on the ship and this week its mostly Stein, Ray and Jax with the latter two working on trying to separate Jax and Stein so Stein can go and be a Granddad. Knowing that Garber is leaving the show – at least for part of the season – I’m pleased that his leaving has been drawn out. Not a sudden one week he buggers off. To have the team working away at separating them makes it a more interesting process and helps to ease us into losing him, as well.

A big chunk of the character work done this week is with Zari, which makes sense' she’s new so we need a burst of info in her first few weeks. She and Amaya are still a bit too similar in their grumpiness at the moment but the mystical elements of this week's story are good fuel to help Zari come to terms with her magical amulet powers. Though Zari is pretty quickly and easily tricked by a fake medium who manages to get her amulet and use it to resurrect Damien - great additon to the Legends team then.

There is a nice moment when Sara points out to Rip he almost compulsively goes rogue; he split form The Time Masters, from the Legends and now from the Time Bureau. I actually really miss Rip and its been fun having him back for a bit. He does just run about quoting Sherlock Holmes but it's fun. It’s a bit harsh when Sara dobs him into the bureau but it still seems a bit random that he’s not in charge, so he's obviously messed up pretty badly.

There are a few dodgy British accents on show this week and Franz Drameh gets to do that thing British actors do when they pretend to be Americans doing slightly off English accents. I like Damien Darhk and its fun to have him around, especially if he’s the henchman of a bigger badder unseen threat. Highlights this week are Damien killing all Rip’s time agents in a big, magic fueled sequence to Return of the Mack and Mick casually reading a book throughout half the episode is a great background gag.

This is a great fun and atmospheric episode with plenty of quirky action, subtle character work, comedy and hats. Everything you want from Legends of Tomorrow.

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