Legends of Tomorrow: 3.01 Aruba-Con

The Legends of Tomorrow are back!

What happened last season? Who cares? What’s happening now? Who knows?

Okay, so there is a previously on to remind us of a couple of things from the season 2 finale, chiefly that the Legends broke time and crash landed in modern day America, surrounded by dinosaurs and European landmarks. Before the credits have even had a chance to roll, Rip (who left Sara in charge and disappeared) pops up out of nowhere to clean things up. He has a new haircut and suit, so you know he’s all serious now.

The basic premise the episode is setting up is that, thanks to the Legends, time is now chock full of anachronisms and Rip, who has been away several years his time, has set up a new time agency called the Time Bureau (Rip still names stuff by just putting the word time in front of an ordinary thing), an efficient, modern, up to date agency to clean up messes in time which, effectively, makes the Legends obsolete. The Time Masters were these future tech, mysterious, almost god like custodians of order throughout time, living in a space beyond the boundaries of time, space and the known universe. The Time Bureau have a 2017 office bloc you can walk into with a stolen swipe card.

 I love the unashamed stupidity of this show. The set up of Rip’s new Time Bureau doesn’t make much sense, why is it based in 2017? Why not the future? Or outside of time itself? But the fact the Time Bureau has stuff like in house vending machines with witty, time-relevant branding and validated parking shows just how silly the show knows the set up is.


The episode proper starts by showing us where everyone has been in the six months since they were, effectively, fired. Sara has, for some reason, been working in a Bed, Bath and Beyond type place with requisite weedy yet demeaning supervisor. Ray has been working for a sleazy App developer – I’m not up on Arrow but I guess he’s not a millionaire anymore? Jax and Stein have both settled into a comfortable life of university and fatherhood, respectively, and Rory is on holiday getting STDs (apparently?).

A nice little cameo from Wally west shows us that the only person still superheroing is Nate, which actually kind of makes sense since his massive need to be special and the fact he has a straight up super power. This also ties in nicely with The Flash in terms of how long Barry has been away, it kind of makes sense that Nate could’ve been helping out all this time. The opening scenes give us plenty of laughs and its fun to see the team trying to live normal lives - but thanks to what seems to be an incredible coincidence, they quickly end up stealing the Waverider from Rip’s new headquarters and trying to capture Julius Cesar to return him to the past… you know, the usual.

It’s a nice touch that Nate is using the sleazy hook up app Ray was working for and the way it was used to distract a load of frat guys was pretty funny. Also, Caity Lotz’ stunt work is phenomenal and its great fun seeing and knowing she’s doing so much of the choreography herself.

This really is a set up episode, putting the new status quo in place and I’m fine with that because it does it in is such a crazy, madcap way. I really like the fact that the Legends are basically arseholes. They are the kind of idiots who think they’re really cool but are mostly just messing things up and getting lucky. With Supergirl and The Flash being so dour, everyone in Star Trek: Discovery hating each other and everything being so grimy and downbeat in even the best of the Netflix Marvel shows, its refreshing to come home to a show that is big, fun and stupid.

Not much in the way of character development is done in this episode but it’s not really abut that. Stein, who is to be a grandfather, and Jax probably have the most depth of character this week and we touch very slightly on Amaya leaving Nate but this is not the time for progressing characters; this is the time for Dinosaurs, punching Cesar, Rip doing that leaning hands on hips thing and STD jokes. This is The Legends of Tomorrow.

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