Legends of Tomorrow: 2.15 Fellowship of the Spear

Its all go for the Legends of Tomorrow! Having now put the spear together the team realise the only way to destroy it is with the blood of Christ. So we seem to be (at this point in proceedings at least) simply accepting that God and Christ as recorded in Christian dogma is legit? Okay then. Generic Nate knows, because he's a historian, that there is some Christ Blood kicking around in Europe but the only man who can help them find it is one John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, who wrote an obscure paper on the subject. Now, I'm not totally familiar with the inner working of the Waverider but surely Gideon could work out the possible location to the blood by analysing Tolkien's writings and then scanning for bio-matter in appropriate places? But naaaaah, let's kidnap J.R.R. Tolkien.

This episode is the usual, silly fun but perhaps my nonsense tolerance is getting low as there were areas that just felt a bit bland this week. Rip's now near instant reintegration into the group feels like a wasted opportunity for drama. Amaya I now think I actually dislike. Her lurching motivation, allegiance and opinions mixed with her almost constant angry smugness are making her very hard to like or even understand, the show has done her a great disservice. She has quite a significant role this week by disagreeing fundamentally with Team Legs decision not to use the power of the spear but once again she just feels like a teenager taking the opposite stance to make some imagined point.

Historic sensitivity gets a little sidelined this week too, with Mick during one fight musing about why he hates Nazis and having it pointed out to him that in WWI it was the Hun, not the Nazis. Despite a sequence of a short lived truce, coupled with Rip giving a "one day the world will be better" speech near the end, the First World War doesn't get much examination and does feel a bit like it's being lumped in with Movie Villain Nazis. The show has shown its ability to actually be sensitive or even quite powerful when dealing with the darker aspects of history so it was a shame not to see that done so well here.

For the most part this week, Team Legs are running around with a young J.R.R. Tolkien, looking for clues about the whereabouts of Christ's Blood. Turns out, of course, it's in the middle of No Man's Land, between the German and British trenches. Also, when they finally find it, it's just casually sticking out of a little bit of dirt. Convenient.

The big, interesting, side plot this week is Mick. He's still seeing visions of Snart, who still berates him and questions the loyalty of Team Legs. Not too bad, until Snart actually turns out to be real and not a vision - The Legion of Doom having travelled back to before Snart joined The Legends and changed his wicked ways. When the team find out that Mick has accidentally given Snart information about The Spear (believing Snart was in his mind so he was just having an internal, existential conversation) they get pretty angry with him, which feels a little unfair.

Eventually, after everyone is mean to him one too many times, Mick joins Snart and The Legion, asking Amaya if she wants to go too. The implication is that Mick wants to do some good (by his standards and possibly involving not killing his parents) and thinks they should use The Spear, not just destroy it. Mick has had the most interesting arc this season and while Snart returning and Mick turning his back on the Legends was inevitable the way it's come about has been really fun to watch.

Obviously the vile of the blood of Christ, the only thing that can destroy the spear and the McGuffin of this weeks episode, gets broken before the day is over because the Legends litterally cannot do anything and we’re left with Mick and Spear now with the bad guys, Amaya pissed off at everyone and the Legends high and dry.

The Lord of the Rings references aren't too heavy this week, there is an actual subtlety, like with the George Lucas episode, to how they tease and suggest elements of their adventure seeping into Tolkien's later writings. Jack Turner, playing JRR, is quite good and made a likeable, earnest companion for the duration of the story. I think it would quite interesting and I’d enjoy seeing a historical figure join the show as a regular? As always, the trenches looked like that same patch of California woodland every other time period looks like.

Apart from the dum Dum DUM of Mick defecting with the spear, the cliffhanger leading us to the last couple of eps wasn't exceptional but it was satisfying. Plus side though, they did get to wear some hats.

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