Legends of Tomorrow: 2.13 Land of the Lost

Dinosaurs! (ish)

So Rip is now captured and locked in the Waverider’s brig and has sort of re-taken control of Gideon. He manages to get the ship to crash but not to escape. Gideon isn’t actually bad but, as an AI, is programmed to obey Bad-Rip. There was potential I thought to play this up a bit more by having Gideon constantly apologising as she sabotaged and crashed the ship, though she does apologise a little, in her snarky way.

This leaves us with the team stranded in Dinosaur Times! Everyone loves Dinosaur Times! It turns out they’ve actually gone back to where Good-Rip left Ray after the time scatter, as Gideon jumped back to the furthest point back in history in her databanks as a safety precaution. I’m slightly disappointed that Rip never went further back than Dinosaur Times but oh well. During the crash a super important part of the ship that they absolutely need or they can’t get home snapped off and landed somewhere in the forest, so Ray, Amaya and Nate head off to find it.

This leaves everyone else with Bad-Rip and it is decided that the only way to make Bad-Rip Good-Rip is to enter his mind and free the Good-Rip. Classic move from Team Legs there. Mick, having been captured by the Time Masters and having had his mind reprogrammed by them but having no medical or psyche training, is naturally considered the expert and leads the operation from the outside, much to Stein’s chagrin.

I’m quite enjoying Stein getting annoyed at Mick’s occasional (perceived)superiority in the science stuff. Stein should never be unlikable but its nice to see a flash of his intellectual ego pop back now and again – though when Mick told him to get him a beer I was surprised to see him actually go off and get him a beer!

Sara and Jax are the ones who go inside Rips mind and it is the usual sci fi inside a persons mind stuff, with dark versions of the Waverider and Evil versions of the team. This is not a very original plotline to go for and they don’t really do anything new with it. It is fun to see Sara, especially, fighting an evil version of herself. Sara and Jax soon realise that Rip thinks they are all bad guys and his captors, they manage to find Good-Rip in the brig and Sara tries to talk him round.

The inside Rips mind part of things doesn’t really live up to its potential and other shows and films and have done it far better. When Good-Rip finally escapes and takes back control of his mind he does this simply by disappearing the evil Legends, whereas a fight with his Evil Self would have been more satisfying and perhaps a stronger visual metaphor?

Sara, Jax and Rip are helped inside Rip’s mind by non other than Gideon, who Jax encounters when alone in the mind version of the engine room. In Rips mind, Gideon has been acting as his guide, protecting his good self and watching over him and in Rip’s mind, Gideon is pretty hot! Yes, Amy Pemberton finally gets a little screen time playing the personification of Gideon in Rip’s mind (you know, a bit like that time the TARDIS became an actual woman in Doctor Who). When Rip finally meets Gideon and realises she has been looking after him and protecting him he does what any one of us would do if our iPhone came to life, he kisses her.

While all this is going on Ray, Nate and Amaya are off trying to find the important bit of the ship that broke off. This is complicated by a T-Rex that ray had antagonised on his previous visit to the area by eating one of her eggs. However, they are able to make use of his tree house which is still standing – working on the principle that they Waverider arrived the moment it left last time, its little more than minutes since Ray was last there.

This side story is a little bland, mostly revolving around Ray enjoying being back in Dinosaur Times, Amaya and Nate being horny and a T-Rex we never see. I had hoped this would be a full on Jurassic Park of an episode but actually, the dinosaurness is a very small element of the show. They almost do a good job of building up the T-Rex without showing it but eventually you just start to realise you’re not seeing it because the FX are expensive and it feels a little like a cheat.

Eventually they do get attacked by the T-Rex and it is a pretty good scene, Amaya uses her animal powers to speak with and calm the dinosaur and there are some cool visuals of her face to face with the T-Rex. I just wish they’d been able to show the animal a couple more times in the build up to help stoke the tension. I’m also not sure how I feel about Amaya, I don’t think its deliberate but her behavior feels like a smug teenager a lot of the time and I don’t think I like her?

The directing is very lackluster this week, the mindscape doesn’t have any real flourishes and the prehistoric forest just looks like the same forest they use for the Wild West, 40’s Germany, future London… there was opportunity for a little visual flair this week and it was sadly missed. The Land of The Lost title is nice though, as it applies to both Dinosaur Times and Rip's mind.

By the end of the episode everything is sorted; the team have the important broken bit of ship back and fixed; Nate has decided – after Ray tells him she has a set future that could be in jeopardy – not to pursue a relationship with Amaya, but pursues it anyway and…
RIP IS BACK! Yeah! Rip is a goody again and he’s back to be an awful captain again! Yeah… oh. Oh well.

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