Legends Of Tomorrow: 2.10 The Legion Of Doom

Oh Legends of Tomorrow, you’re spoiling us with your Legendsiness today!

Right from the off we get an excellent opening; a subversion of the standard DCTVU my name is opening speech, delivered by Damian Darhk! Its actually interesting to see him present himself as the hero of his story.

This episode is all about Darhk, as well as Merlyn and Neal McDonough and John Barrowman are absolutely great together. The whole episode revolves around the two men, under the watchful eye of Thawne, the Reverse Flash, trying to figure out what’s up with Rip so they can find where he hid the Infinity Stone, sorry, Spear of Destiny. The season arc and villains have been so much more engaging this season, in part because its less focused as a mission. In the first season the Legends were always on the defensive, hunting Savage, looking for him. Here, they’re reactionary instead, reacting to what is happening, never knowing quite what the Legion are gonna do next. It makes for more interesting interplay with the characters and their weekly missions feel a little more free flowing because of it.

Team Legs themselves almost take a backseat this week, as we spent most of our time with The legion of Doom (the name sticks, much to Sara’s chagrin) and its nice to spend a little time with our villains. Stuff like the flashback showing Merlyn as a washed up, defeated villain, being approached by Thawne and Darhk is nice. Rip as a wimp is good fun too, though if Rip initiated his own mind re-write to protect himself, why make himself such a coward? Made it very easy for the Legion to coerce him into helping them?


Stein has a great side story involving The Key to Time… sorry, the Spear of Destiny… and his daughter, Lilly. After bringing her on board to help try and create an interface between Gideon and the Tesseract, sorry, Spear, he tells the crew that she is an aberration and asks them not to tell her. Sure Martin, no one will let slip. Mick lets slip and so we have some nice father daughter stuff with Victor Garber proving himself again to be the emotional heart, at least where performance is concerned, of the show. Ray gets some good stuff with Lilly, lets hope he doesn’t fall in love with her, that’s pretty much a death sentence for her if he does.


Thanks to a little pushing by Wimp-Rip (Wrip? Rimp?), Merlyn and Darhk, who have the most amazing chemistry together, decide that while they don’t trust and aren’t afraid of each other, they don’t trust Thawne even more, they also notice that he never seems to stay in one place more than a few minutes and deduct he must be running form something, also explaining why he needs their help at all. After a little torture Darhk extracts a tooth from Rip that contains information for a future bank safety deposit box (I personally keep my bank PIN, internet password and the name of my first pet hidden in my back left molar, just in case). The two men then gain access to the vault and trap themselves in there with Thawne, who starts to freak out completely. This scene is great, Darhk and Merlyn are an awesome bad guy team and while they both want to re-write their fate for various reasons, Thawne’s revelation is full on comic book nerd tingles time; he can’t stop running, needs their help and needs the One Ring, sorry, Spear of Destiny because he’s being chased by Black Flash! This is a really well delivered revelation and Black Flash – seen very briefly but not confirmed as being Black Flash in The Flash - is really well realised. So of course the boys help Thawne to escape Black Flash in return for re-negotiating their partnership and the Legion run off with Rip and what was in the safe deposit box.


This is a great episode, I really enjoyed watching the bad guys for a change and everything between Stein and Lilly was lovely and the Jax/Stein relationship got some nice work in the mix as well. Thanks to Lilly’s being able to connect the spear to Gideon they now have a better idea of what’s happening – good, because I don’t. The show ends with the Legion examining what was in Rip’s safety deposit box… surprise to no one, it was his memory! Being bad guys, they reprogrammed his memory to make him a baddy, total baddy move, and send him to kill George Washington, another total baddy move. At least Rip is using his proper accent again…

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