Legends of Tomorrow: 2.09 Raiders of the Lost Art

Raiders of the Lost Art… see what they did there?

You remember that episode of Doctor Who when The Doctor hides in the past by getting the TARDIS to suppress his memory and re-write his biology so he forgets who he is? Yeah, it’s that this week.

Last time we saw The Legends, they were off looking for a magic stick that can re-write reality and we discovered that Rip now has long hair and is making films in the 60’s. So it turns out that Rip, who has re-programmed his memory, is enrolled at film school in 1967 and is making a cheesy sci-fi film piece based on his suppressed memories of being with the Legends (a bit like that book of fantasy stories The Doctor was writing in that episode that time).

The Legion of Doom and the Legends track Rip down and go to get him and the spear. There was a fun moment as I watched that I saw a guy that looked like a young George Lucas in the background on Rip’s set. I chuckled to myself, thinking that’s got to be Lucas. Then Rip calls him George and I chuckle some more. Then, it turns out that the whole plot revolves around George Lucas in a really fun and very Legends of Tomorrow way…


After failing to rescue Rip or get the magic stick (Hay, its team Leg Ends what do you expect?) George Lucas is scared by all the violence and super powers he sees and runs off in a fun gag moment. However, later in the story Ray and Generic Nate start to realise they don’t remember how to do the things they do; Ray can’t science and Nate can’t history. Turns out each got into their chosen field because of watching Lucas films as kids (Star Wars and Indiana Jones) and with Lucas not making movies, they never got inspired. This is such a fun way to play with the causality, time ripples, butterfly effect of time travel and its nice to have a story that reflects the importance of pop culture on peoples lives, you only have to see the many astronauts giving the Vulcan Salute while floating in space to see how inspirational pop culture can be.


So we kind of split into two stories, Sara and one half of the team trying to get Rip from The legion of Doom and Ray, Nate and Vixen trying to re-inspire George Lucas. Of course, eventually the two sides of the mission converge resulting in Ray’s half of the team, along with Lucas, getting dropped in a trash compactor (cheeky). The moment George Lucas, panicked and confused and about to die just screams to the world ”I wanna direct!” and Ray and Nate instantly get their powers back is great in a Marty suddenly standing up, re-solidifying and playing the guitar properly kind of way.

Inevitably we’re left with Rip captured by The Legion and so next week Team Legs will need to try and save him, again. I really enjoyed the running gaga of Nate trying to make the name The Legion of Doom a thing and Sara trying to cut it down, especially when it starts stick with the other team members. The team of Darhk and Merlyn is great, both actors have a fun chemistry and a casual approach to their schemes which makes them very calm, intimidating foes for the Legends, so much better than last seasons boring interpretation of Savage. They even manage to throw in a villains waiting silently in a lift while bad muzak plays gag.


There are some lovely moments this week, like early on when, having been woken up, Ray keeps reiterating that he and Amaya weren’t sleeping together and her irritatedly assuring him no one thinks that. There is a great use of a Wilhelm scream and Sara’s 1960’s coat is awesome. There is a cool side story with Stein trying to secretly help Rory with his visions of Snart, which includes some casual brain surgery (I have a feeling something bigger is gonna happen with the Snart story…).

This was a fun, breezy return to the show after its little Christmas break and sets us up nicely for the final few eps and culmination of the story. I’m so pleased to have Rip back – even if he’s a sniveling, weedy American film school stoner who doesn’t realise he’s really an unhinged, time traveling kidnapper with an awesome coat.

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