Legends of Tomorrow: 2.08 The Chicago Way

Ho Ho Ho! Its Christmas time and the Legends are getting into the Holiday spirit… oh, no, no they’re not. The Legends are time travelers, so while Barry Allen and gang can have a cosy, Christmas episode post Invasion! Team Legs are right back to business with this fun and nicely character based episode.

From the very opening this ep has a fun, quirky feel to it and the Damian Darhk and Reverse Flash/Thorne opening scene shows a really fun chemistry between the two men as they introduce themselves to Al Capone. Then who should turn up but BARROWMAN! I was aware of John Barrowman’s involvement in Arrow but not really seen enough of the show to experience his majesty but here he is and all is right with the world.


So the team heads back to 1927 Chicago to stop or undue or trap the bad guys or something, to be honest I think they just like wearing hats. After Ray lets Eliot Ness get near murdered by Capone (I don’t really get why this is considered Ray’s fault but hay, the Legends love blaming shit on Ray) and has to go into medical stasis on the Waverider for a bit, its decided that Generic Nate should take Ness’s place and find the dodgy tax returns so Capone can be arrested rather than elected Mayor of Chicago. Ok.

The background story this week is a nice looking but flimsy one, the actor playing Capone is instantly forgettable and it feels a bit of a shame they couldn’t get a bigger guest star or more imposing character actor in the role. No offence to the guy but he just looked like a henchman. Not a bossman. But Capone wasn’t really the focus of this story, it was more about the bad guys slowly converging and perhaps starting up their own sinister team (Squeee!) and it was about members of Team Legs dealing with a few daemons.

A really nice element this week was Rory, not sure who he is anymore or how he fits, seeing visions of Snart (Wentworth, we love you!) acting as his conscience, or dark side or… well basically he kept telling him he was no good at being good and that Vixen doesn’t fancy him (which, like, she totally does). Dominic Purcell is perhaps not one of the world’s greatest actors but his character and his performance has really shifted up a notch the past few episodes and he bring real pathos to Rory’s story this week. We also have Stein dealing with his daughter who he has decided not to undo. I’ve often praised the DC TV shows for the fact their characters talk about what’s bothering them rather than keeping secrets for ages and ages creating false drama. Stein confesses to Sara, she berates him but at the end of the day she agrees that there is no need to worry about the timeline because family is more important. Ahh Sara, you really don’t give a shit about time and your mission - now you’re a real captain just like Rip.

Also this week, Jax keeps trying to tell everyone about Stein’s daughter proving yet again that Jax is a terrible person to trust with a secret. I quite like the consistency of his black and white view of right and wrong in these situations but guys, stop telling Jax stuff you don’t want the others to know yet. He’ll just make angry hints about it in front of everyone until you confess.


After a failed speak easy sting attempt, Stein and Sara get captured by the bad guys and then pretty quickly rescued - but this was a trap to get Reverse Flash, disguised as Stein, on the ship to steal the amulet! This ep is full of the bad guys smugly saying ‘They fell for it”. Seriously, they must do it about 3 times?

Of course they trap Reverse Flash but Barrowman and Darhk still have the real Stein, so Sara trades the amulet and Reverse Flash for Stein because Rip taught her well. The Legion of B List Badguys then head off with what they wanted in the first place to try and find the arc of the covenant or something while Team Legs congratulate themselves on achieving absolutely nothing (well, I guess they made sure Capone still went to gaol but still).


I did love how Vixen, when saving Eliot Ness from the river, used the power of a dolphin! I also love Sara’s green shirt jacket thing she sometimes wears. I don’t know why but of all her outfits I find that green shirt jacket thing the most badass, cool and sexy?

And then the cliffhanger I’d been waiting for… RIP! Rip you beautiful bastard you’re back… and with a twist that looks fun, interesting and typically meta! Legends of Tomorrow did give us a Christmas present after all! God bless us, every one!

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