Legends of Tomorrow: 2.05 Compromised

1987 baby, shoulder pads and crimp perms! After the fun but slightly heavy in places escapades of last weeks episode, Team Legs are back to some pure stupidness this week.

In order to stop something from happening to someone, they’ve headed to Reagan’s white house to do a thing to stop a thing. This episode really focuses on two major storylines; Stein has to get involved to help his younger self from losing his wife and Sara has to chose between revenge for her dead sister and protecting the time line.

The side plot of Mick trying to coach Ray to be his new partner/replace Snart is a nice touch and feels like its naturally evolved. The two men casually stealing and eating jelly beans together is a lovely little bit of development and one of my fave moments this season (along with Mick later calling him a goof delivered like a four letter insult)

I think I’m developing a crush on Caity Lotz, she looks amazing in every time period! Her 80’s look is great and she really suits the fashions! Also loving that Stein is a Star Trek: The Next Generation fan, he just gets cooler by the week.


The main plot of this episode is about Darhk and feeding the over reaching series story and feels a little stretched out. Not a lot happens, really. There’s some great one-liners this week, especially from Mick but I don’t feel like I’ve really gone anywhere by the end of the episode. After stumbling across Darhk up to no good Young Stein gets stabbed, resulting in Old Stein suffering a knife wound on the Waverider – obviously Gideon saves both version . Old Stein ends up giving his younger self a lecture encouraging him to pay more attention to his wife. In amongst this little romantic subplot, Old Stein ends up attending a ball and dancing with his young wife in his younger self’s absence. As always with Victor Garber, these moments are very well played.

We also see Vixen teaming up with her old JSA comrade Obsidian, played excellently by the never not awesome Lance Henriksen.


DANGER ZONE! There are some nice 80’s references and a few good blasts of period music, especially bad-ass is Danger Zone (used when they enter a zone which is one of danger). The episode over all is comparatively low on action, not a bad thing at all but there is a lot going on in terms of character work and perhaps things are spread a bit thin.

Darhk is up to no good trading with the Russians and has a CD Rom. CD Roms are silly because we have smart phones and wi-fi now. Also, there’s a bomb in the ballroom or something so the Legends head off to disarm it, luckily its hidden really badly and Ray disarms it with some moral support from Mick. Sara doesn’t kill Darhk because she has love for her sister but respect for the time line… and the series would be over really quickly if she just shot him. What she does do is basically tell him how and when he’ll die… it was a kind of power move designed to unsettle him but it really feels like she’s just giving him a heads up. Lets hope that doesn’t come back to bite you in the arse, Sara.

The end scene of Reverse Flash taking Darhk off in time is an intriguing, if not quite edge of your seat, cliffhanger. While everyone has kind of stepped up into new roles (even Generic Nate is getting tolerable), I still really miss Rip! Please come back Rip. Despite the nice odds and sods of character work this is a messy episode and after all the Back to the Future references the show has thrown around in the past I can’t forgive them for having a Reagan focused episode and not make some kind of a the actor? gag. Shame on you Legends of Tomorrow you’re slipping.

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