Legends of Tomorrow: 2.01 Out of Time


Legends of Tomorrow season 2 is here and it's not pissing about, coming straight in with time traveling Nazis kidnapping Einstein to blow up New York! This is as Legends of Tomorrowy as it could be!

Not picking up from where we left off (why bother) we're introduced to Generic Sexy Scientist guy as he tries to break into Oliver Queen's office. That's right, it's an episode with Oliver. Yay?

So Generic Scientist Guy is a historian and thinks the Waverider is under the sea. This is actually a really cool idea and an historian unearthing evidence of the Legends in the past is interesting. The Waverider is indeed found, with just Mick onboard in stasis and he explains what happens to the others.


We have a nice flashback to Elizabethan France showing Team Legs mid adventure - this is fun but lasts too long. I'd rather have seen three or four little adventures to really build the idea of the team wreaking havoc in the name of heroism. It really shows the lack of skill the show has compared to something like Doctor Who. I do however, really like how casually they deal with Sara's sexuality but Jax making jokes like a horny teen undermines it.

I'm not sure if I didn't notice in the last season or if it's just new but Rip now has a hexagonal TARDIS style control console!!! He also has a new library with even more deep mahogany wood and leather bound books. He's kind of a big deal.

Through Mick's storytelling and the flashbacks we get to the real core of this story; Nazis! So... They figure out that the Germans travelled in time and kidnapped Einstein in order to take him back and build them an atomic bomb first... Which totally makes sense. Of course Rip isn't sure if it's a good idea to stop the Nazis from blowing up New York and extending the war 2 more years but Team Legs decide to do it anyway.


It's very weird how this American show creates a less realistic looking depression era New York than Doctor Who who did.

I can't decide how well Mick telling the story device works, every time we cut back to Oliver and Generic Guy listening to the story I feel it undermines itself, just a little. It's a nice idea that maybe doesn't quite work.

There are some great aspects to this episode, such as the twist regarding who the Nazis really want to kidnap. Also, Damian Darhk is cool though as a non Arrow fan I'm not that invested in him yet. Stein repeatedly pointing out its an atomic bomb as apposed to a nuclear bomb is a really nice, running gag.


So in order to save the world from Time Traveling Nazis, the team have to pull a Batman and dump a bomb in the sea. Rip uses a Time Scatter to scatter everyone through history, thus saving them all... But perhaps not himself? I do think Rip literally just puts the word "time" in front of other words to make them sound science fictiony. We get a great looking under water explosion before skipping back to present day where Oliver and Generic Guy hatch a plan to find the other Legs. Oliver's presence in this story is near pointless and at this point he just kind of makes like a tree and leaves (get it, because his acting is so wooden?).

Dinosaurs! Ray in a beard and dinosaurs. It doesn't matter why, it's just cool and that's Legends of Tomorrow.

Okay, they'd better find Rip! He's a useless time master but he's our useless time master. I don't really care about Generic Guy. I don't need another blandly good looking, catalogue model white guy on my TV shows and if the switch out of Rip for Generic Guy is permanent The Legs may have lost me.

This episode was just starting to lose my interest when BOOM Reverse Flash shows up! Say whaaaat? And just as I'm reeling from that DOUBLE BOOM The Justice Society turn up! Saaaaaaaaaay whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Legends, you just got me back!

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