Legends of Tomorrow: 1.14 River of Time/1.15 Destiny

What could be better than a review of a Legends of Tomorrow episode? A review of TWO Legends of Tomorrow episodes!

Ep one River of Time, boom, flashback, 1700 BC – Rip having failed to kill Savage is trapped in his dungeon and Savage leaves him there after doing some evil monologue stuff. Jump to the/their present. The guys realise Savage has been using future tech (more future than 2166) to manipulate time, so the Time Masters should be able to sign off on stopping Savage as this falls within their remit. They may be crazy but they’re sticklers for the rules, these Time Masters.

In a scene between Rip and Savage (a mirror of the opening scene with Savage now in Rips dungeon, clever, see what you did there)Savage reveals that seeing Team Legs again in the 70’s gave him the idea of creating a time machine. He then delivers the uninspiring and deathly dull line: You may be a time master… but I’m a master of time! Sheesh, Savage! Come on, that’s almost as bad as when everyone keeps saying “Where are we?” “Don’t you mean when are we?”.

The ship cuts out thanks to Savage’s sabotage and the Waverider ends up stuck in the time stream… but its okay, because the ship’s shuttle has an auxiliary time jump that can make one single jump that automatically takes them back to 2016… I mean… one auxiliary time jump? Why not set that to jump them back to Rip’s own time and the Time Masters, where not only they want to be but they could steal/borrow another working time ship? Points for a good use of the word bollocks though.

Jefferson, in an attempt to give his character something to do, goes to fix the ship's engines – he has got really good at fixing futuristic space ships – not bad for a Kwik-Fit fitter. He gets blasted by temporal radiation and has a soft focus flashbacks to his mum then starts aging to death.


This episode is terribly portentous and it feels a little bit of a drag but its well directed by Alice Troughton. Story wise, it’s lost the spark of the crazy, early days of the series and a lot of the time feels very cheap. Rory complaining that snacks in the future are all sugar free is a great gag though! Rip admitting that he would sacrifice Tem Legs to save his family is one of the nicer moments of the show. Especially as he shows some conflict and torment about if he really would sacrifice them or not.

The side story of Kendra and Ray trying to bring Carter back still doesn’t engage me. I do like the love triangle angle but find it hard to get fully onboard because Carter is so very, very bland! Also, Savage doing his manipulative, talking one by one to the team to break them up shtick is a little predictable and he lacks the presence to be convincingly able to do this. Sorry Savage, you’re no Loki.

Oh dear god, Felicity.

I find myself a little torn with the Kendra/Ray romance. On the one hand Ray seems a little needy and over-sensitive but Kendra seems to just ignore the issues and avoids talking to him about anything – so I’m never sure how I feel about what they’re going though. Ultimately though, Kendra was just never that committed to things and we all know it, even Ray.

Eventually Stein has a little chat with Savage, manages to not get manipulated, then saves Jefferson – Stein has become a complete badass and despite starting out as a bit of a fuddy-duddy archetype he has, in many ways, become the humanity of the group.


In a horrible example of a Ray acting out of character to further the plot, Savage manages to goad him into a fight and letting him out… oh Ray! Savage turns off Gideon so Rip has to fly the ship the old fashioned way… using the maps from Time Bandits? But the Time Masters are at the end of time so surly they just have to keep going until they reach the end of time? And, why do they have maps? Surly time travel was invented waaaaaaay after nautical maps had become obsolete, why did they make them at all? Oh but nice call out on Jurgen’s ridge, te he hee.

Carter gets his memory back but Savage stabs him pretty quick, so that’s okay. Kendra saves the day and they get to the Time Masters, where dum dum duuuuum … Savage is in league with the Time Master. Yeah Rip, like, we worked that out about three episodes ago.

The Time Master soldiers look like the soldiers from Spaceballs… genuinely, they look like the Spaceballs

The episode ends with Rip screaming in his cell. So, usual Rip stuff, really.

Ding dng ding!!! Episode two, title

The following episode picks right up with a little flashback to when Rip recruited the team. We get a nice end of Back to the Future Part II style moment where Jefferson turns up to speak to Stein just after he left him.

Its all getting a bit serious as we get to the finale and the show suffers a little as soon as it becomes earnest. Savage is a great threat when talked about and referenced by Rip but in the flesh, on screen, he’s about as imposing as a stick of rhubarb. I still don’t know why Rip didn’t take Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. They’d have come along for sure and sorted this shit in ten minutes flat.

Rip gets shown the Eye of Harmony… sorry, the Oculus… which is what gives the Time Masters the power of time travel. He discovers that the Time Masters have been manipulating them all along. Ahhh, Rip you div! After looking into the Untempered Schism… sorry, the Oculus, Rip sees the future and it doesn’t look great for Team Legs.

He learns that the Time Masters had his family killed, which leaves him so upset he does the Charlie Brown walk from Arrested Development all the way back to his cell, where he tells Ray he’s gonna die. Harsh Rip, just cos you’re bummed. Past Stein and present Jefferson have some good stuff together and it highlights how much Stein has grown, I think he might be a favourite character for me. Rory gets re-programmed to be Chronos and is given a Chronos suit to wear which for some reason is already battered and scuffed up.

Snart and Sara trying to get back onto the Waverider and save everyone is nice, the scenes of hanging out these two have shared across the series have been cool little moments so its good to see it come to fruition. Sabotaging the other time ships to start signing ‘song’ was a nice touch.

Rory turning out not to be brainwashed was unsurprising. Rory stepping on his brainwashers head to kill him was a little surprising.


The music in this episode is really good, it has a slightly 80’s, techno vibe at times and I’d like to have heard more like this. Over all the music has been very good throughout this whole series.

So with 18 minutes to go, Rip plots a course to the Oculus wellspring. The Oculus was a secret to everyone until about 20 minutes ago? How does Rip, Gideon or anyone know there even is a wellspring, let alone where it is…?

Ray decides to stuff his face with cupcakes, spoiling the ‘future snacks are sugar free gag’

The Legs get to the wellspring, which looks like a Seattle conference centre. I suddenly realised I have no idea where Kendra and Carter are? I’ve been watching and I know its been addressed but… I have no idea where they are at this point? With Savage I guess?

The Time Masters are waiting at the wellspring which was obviously a trap Rip, like come on mate. Jefferson turns up and saves the day, allowing everyone inside to blow up the wellspring.

Oh! There’s Kendra, she was with Savage, they’ve gone back to London 2166.

Ray being ready to sacrifice himself is nice and the finale moments of this episode actually get really good, with some genuinely well juxtaposed scenes between the main Team Legs and Savage and Rip’s family, with everyone making sacrifices left right and centre. And of course, Snart saves the day.

The cliffhanger involves Savage whizzing off in a time machine with Kendra, his plan to change the world. Will he succeed?

(I mean, no. No, obviously he won’t succeed, the Legends will save the day and Snart probably won’t stay dead but I guess it’ll be worth watching anyway)

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