Legends of Tomorrow: 1.13 Leviathan

Here he comes to save the day, Mighty Rip is on his way!

It would be unfair to say my patience is wearing thin with this show but there is definitely only so far wit and silliness can take you and this episode is low on both those. As we approach the end of the season we inevitably end up spending more time with Savage, who has been from the start the weak point of this show for me.

Arriving in London 2166 Savage’s forces are apparently indiscriminately shooting at everything and everyone and the Waverider has to make a hasty retreat to avoid getting blasted out of the sky in the cross fire. Early on Stein makes a comment that they no longer have the luxury of blindly searching for Savage through history. At lest they admit that’s what they’ve been doing this past three months.


Rip spends a lot of this episode just losing his shit over things. They have just three days to save his family – he has a time machine, he could have given himself three weeks but, naah, three days will be enough. The future is pretty poorly realised, everything just looks like a car park at night or a field at night. Savage’s soldiers are all in jump suits and motorbike helmets, with the obligatory and tediously predictable Nazi allegory. Somehow, half of Team Legs have disguised themselves as Savage’s soldiers and are listening to his speech.

A failed attempt to attack Savage (really, it was one of the Legs worst plans to snatch Savage) reveals a female bodyguard with a badass coat, who is also wearing the bracelet that Kendra can use to kill Savage. Handy. We do get a pretty fun little fight pre-titles. Back at the ship the question comes up, how do you kill Savage with a bracelet? Rip isn’t worried about small details like that and seems pretty confident that they can easily get the bracelet – a dozen episodes disagree with you Rip, old boy.

Obviously in this war torn future there is a resistance movement fighting against Savage, because there always is and the team go off to meet this resistance who… are all Americans? I mean, global community fighting a global threat sure but come one, there are no Brits in London in this future? Jefferson, who as usual has very little to do, gives a starving kid some chocolate and soon gets surrounded by hungry kids, so Stein decides to head to the ship and bring food for all of them. I really enjoy Stein’s focus on helping the individuals they meet. He has a nice line of ground level compassion and later he fills the ship up with refugees in order to save them all (something that Rip gets pretty grumpy about, as always).

We find out that Rip has tried many, many times to rescue his family and each time his family die, because time wants to happen. Screw that crap. I’m not a fan of the lazy time wants to happen schools of time travel and its just one more convenient yet fluctuating plot device to help this weeks episode make sense.

It seems Team Legs’ attempted attack earlier pretty much ruined everything as Savage is now sending out troops to look for and destroy the resistance . London is the only free patch of ground left on the globe, which maybe justifies my high rent and I spent a lot of this episode trying to work out if everything was happening in Hyde Park?

Carter’s old stuff sets of a little bit of melancholy memory for Kendra. I still don’t care about Carter and the increasing flashbacks aren’t helping to make me care. This is all stuff for this weeks plot but really, I just don’t care about Carter at all. They kidnap Savage’s bodyguard (turns out to be his daughter which was pretty obvious) and Rip gets the line “I thought we might go a week without kidnapping someone” Haha, nice one Rip, maybe there’s hope for you yet!


Snart convinces Savage’s daughter to join them by showing her clips from previous episodes and Kendra melts the bracelet onto Carter’s mace, so she can smash his head in (she didn’t melt them into bullets or anything practical like that).

You can feel where the finale of this ep is going when the team discover Savage is using a giant robot to attack the resistance but its still pretty cool when Ray, as The Atom, goes giant! GIANT ROBOT FIGHT! Two things struck me: 1 When both are giant its just a normal size fight 2 geographically, this could be happening on Clapham common.

After his daughter lies badly to him - why do people lie so badly when it’s a matter of life and death that they lie well - The Legs come in for a showdown with Savage and I’m not convinced they’ll succeed because, you know, there’s a couple more episodes yet.

Kendra beating up Savage is actually pretty good, mostly because he’s such an annoying little git. Carter turning up as a random soldier is pretty rubbish and the idea that Kendra cant kill savage because he has Carters mind locked away? Like… what? When presented with “Kill Savage, save Rip’s family, don’t kill him save Carter” it would have been far more satisfying if she’s just killed him, right there and then and we’d spent a couple of episodes fixing Carter without the threat of Savage. With Cardboard… sorry, Carter, back on the scene Kendra dumps poor old Ray, who has been a strange mix of supportive and naïve this whole time.


This episode is generally quite slow with its clumsy portentous story and I didn’t really enjoy it that much. The giants battle is good though.

And Rip FINALLY has Savage in the brig WHY DID YOU NOT DO THIS AT THE START!?!?!

Oh, Stein gets injured in a crash but is okay by the end, if anyone was worried.

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