Legends of Tomorrow: 1.12 Last Refuge

Previously on Legends of Tomorrow… (guys, we don’t need previously on, your audience aren’t going to forget what happened last week, you know the people who watch this show scrutinise every little detail, right? They tweet about it, blog about it, search for spoilers and write inane reviews online… erm… anyway…)

We get a little recap of the previous episode along with a scene showing how the Time Lords… sorry, Time Masters are outside of normal time a bit like the, er, Time Lords. We see them dispatch The Pilgrim to kill Team Legs in the past. Good call, not sure why they first sent one of Rip’s own team then four Mad Max gimps but hey.

In central city 1990, young Rory is rescued from the Pilgrim by The Atom, who delivers the line “Come with me if you want to live!” followed by “I always wanted to say that”. Oh Legs, walking the line between cringy and witty like someone’s Dad.

We need a little info dump at the this point so have the obligatory Sara and Kendra practice fighting in yoga gear scene. I noticed that this super duper future ship has reusable sports bottles for when you work out – very practical.

Rip explains to the team that The Pilgrim can only try and kill them once; so once she’s tried and failed she can’t try again. I mean, what the what, Rip? Like, seriously? This makes no sense and even by Legends of Tomorrow standards is just stupid. Rory has already said that he would go back and kill Snart’s sister again and again and again. Rip has spent this entire series trying to get back and kill Savage but The Pilgrim, the direct servant of the MASTERS OF TIME can only have one crack at it? Go home Legends of Tomorrow, you’re drunk.


Straight after this, The Pilgrim Terminators herself through a police station – she can only try and kill the Legs once but can blast away at innocent cops it seems? Sara turns up and saves herself which is pretty cool, though young Sara is a bit awkward as its just Caity Lotz with a fringe doing a sulky accent. After blasting The Pilgrim they just sod off again. This habit of disabling their enemies and walking away is a genuine plot flaw in too many episodes now.

I’m not sure how the time travel really works in this show, it all gets a bit Looper here as Rip explains if they die in the past they die in the present but it can take some time for the past to catch up with the present. Ray thinking about the fact he could be dead and not know it is very interesting, shame its basically just a gag to show Ray being an over thinking geek.

The Pilgrim has some cool Temporal Micro Manipulation powers, which allow her to basically freeze time around her. Why doesn’t Rip have any of these powers? Rip is useless.


So, they decided to kidnap themselves as babies to protect themselves. Snart questions the moral implications of this, which is great, I love his development. This plan sort of makes sense but doesn’t quite make sense, pretty much like everything Rip plans. As they kidnap their younger selves it does allow a bit of comic relief when the ladies all get goo-goo over baby Snart. There is a bit of plot for Jefferson, who lost his soldier father before he was born. He gets to meet his dad thanks to Stein and it honestly is a lovely little scene. Especially when Jefferson has the opportunity to warn his father but doesn’t (showing more respect for the timeline than Rip ever has!). All the baby Legs get taken to Rip’s Mum’s house for safe keeping.


HOLD THE GODDAMNED PHONE! Celia Imrie! Celia Imrie is playing Rip’s foster mum? What a beautiful, random choice! You can tell she’s British because she drinks tea and says codswallop. She also makes Rip some mince pies? I guess if you’re a time traveler its always Christmas somewhere.

Rory chastising his younger self over causing his family’s death is very good stuff, it shows how the conceit of the show can be used effectively for characterization and emotion. We also have the side plot of Kendra accidentally accepting Ray’s marriage proposal while he was near death. Ray confronting Kendra about this was nice, usually these things fester without people talking but I like the fact characters address things fairly swiftly in this show.


The finale is fun but makes no sense. The Pilgrim Kidnaps Jefferson’s father and threatens to kills everyone they care about unless they come to her for execution. She can only have one try at killing them but can kill endless people around them? This makes no sense! Rip offers up his child self and it’s a genuinely impressive stand off, with the Legs working together to beat the time freezing. It’s a slightly brutal end… in fact, a really, very brutal ending! It was, unfortunately, undermined by the kid paying Young Rip having a truly, truly awful English accent.

With the Toddlers of Tomorrow safely hidden at Celia’s house, Rip wants to get back to finding Savage. With the Legs removed from time, he warns that time will start to forget them and says that they have, quite literally, run out of time… you haven’t though have you Rip, you’ve got a bloody time machine.

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