Krypton: 2.10 The Alpha and the Omega

Krypton: 2.10 The Alpha and the Omega

And here we are, the final episode of Krypton and in some ways, I’m not sure how I feel.

Things are wrapped up relatively quickly, after some back and fourth with Lyta, Jayna and Dev working on a plan that would involve using the Sagitari against Zod. As Zod gets wind of this and executes all the disloyal Sagitari, it is decided to use the drunks who hang out at the snowy space bar to attack Zod while Seg sneaks in to take his son down, one on one. Lyta has declared that Zod isn’t her son - so she’s down with killing him I guess?

It feels like we have a bit of narrative gymnastics to make sure that ‘all the soldiers are bad’ in our final battle. Once Seg sneaks in and confronts Zod, the mad general's second in command finally turns on the Zod, leaving him to face off against some very disappointed parents. The fight scene where Seg and Lyta beat up their adult son is nicely done and just about believable, with Lyta bending at the last moment and convincing Seg not to strangle Zod to death. And that’s it; Krypton saved. Zod calls off his troops, defeated.

Seg and Lyta decide to put Zod in the Black Mercy as they fear he’ll escape from the Phantom Zone. I’m wasn't convinced this is the best option as Lyta twigged to what was going on pretty quickly (granted, external forced helped speed that along). Zod is cleverer than his mum and is aware of the Black Mercy, but I guess this left it open for him to return at any point they wanted and the scene of his fantasy, ruling the known universe with his parents telling him how proud they are. It's all is oddly touching.

It’s a shame this show is so poor and and has had such a short life, as Colin Salmon is hands down the best live action performance of Zod we’ve had. Terrence Stamp is genuinely iconic and scary but very Terrence Stampy; he plays a character from a period where Zod was less nuanced in the book. Michael Shannon was embarrassing and that guy in Smallville was good but lacked the oomph of a fully formed Zod. Colin Salmon is excellent and really made the character his own, while being true to the Zod as he’s evolved in the comics.

After the big win, the show settles into a little bit of tying up loose ends and setting up the season three that will never happen. Nyssa has a chat to Adam about his Zeta Beam device, Adam gives her a bit more information than would seem necessary and she steals it. But she’s very open about taking it and why; even when Val tries to talk her down she insists she needs to go searching for Jor-El and zoomph, she’s gone. I feel a bit bad for Adam here as he’s had a rough old time, trying to save Superman and the known universe and it kind of worked almost but now he can’t use his legs and his ticket home has been stolen.

For the rest of the episode, we keep popping back to check on Nyssa, who has turned up on a strange planet where she finds some charred bodies and eventually sees some winged figures flying overhead – Parademons? I like the idea of Nyssa just launching herself into her own adventure and it takes away the pressure of the spare wheel vibe with Seg and Lyta. It also shows her as a woman with literally nothing to lose.

There is a nice moment when Val declares Kem will be honored into the house of El as Kem-El, making him officially Seg’s brother. This also lines up with a comics character, Kem-El - but he was a crazy evil scientist. I’m not sure if Kem was gonna stick his head back on and go evil but hey, you never know. Also, Dev and Jayna find Doomsday frozen in ice so, he's still kicking about and ready to kill future Superman when comics sales drop...

On Krypton, post battle and win, everyone is celebrating in that tiny snowy bar. Here we see Val has given Adam a set of leg braces with added jet pack. Its fun to see him get a jet pack but I still find it unrealistic that Krypton wouldn’t have the technology to fully fix his legs. At this celebration, Seg bumps into Lobo who is still hunting Brainiac, while their interaction is fun and sets u a nice buddy movie idea for the next season, its all a bit vague. Lobo want’s Seagull’s… sorry, Seg-El’s help to rack down Brainiac, based on the fact their brain merging means Seg has hidden knowledge of where Brainy might be. Seg agrees to help Lobo in return for helping him track down his son. It kind of makes sense but I feel like both men could find better alternative options. More Lobo, used carefully, might be something that picks up the pace for the show.

We’re also treated to a final shot showing Brainiac taking the baby Jor-El to Earth. This opens up so many possibilities and options. Brainy raising Jor-El as his own, a fully grown evil, super powered Jor-El, an Earth ruling super-dictator Jor-El. Lots of options are on the table and the use of Time Travel in the show means anything can be re-set to match the original timeline (as of now, Superman still doesn’t exist in the Krypton timeline.). The show sets us up for a potential season three that would have Seg and Nyssa off world, searching for Jor-El on separate missions. The worst parts of Krypton, have been the parts taking place on Krypton. Season one was 99% on Krypton but season two branched out just enough to give a glimmer of hope, a hint of what the show could possibly be. The idea of a whole season with the focus away from Krypton appeals to me greatly.

And that’s it. Krypton is done, cancelled with no season three and unlikely to be ‘saved’ by another network. As this show ends, I find myself, for the first time, interested in what might happen next. At the end of the first season, I had no interest in watching the second, it was only when I found out it had been cancelled that I decided to watch it, simply for completions sake. I’m not especially disappointed that its been cancelled now but I would have like to see the story finished up. Another season or even a two-hour special to explore where they left things in this episode and get things back on track for the Big Blue Boy Scout to return would be satisfying, though not really necessary. To be honest, the show hasn’t earned a third season.

Perhaps this was a show that always needed to grow into itself? Gotham was pure trash when it started, messy, shifting tone and not the show many had wanted to see (a Gotham Central adaptation). Then a season or so in something clicked and it became clear this show was pure trash but the best kind of pure trash, deliberately schlocky, tongue in cheek with a hyper real Batmany-ness, and I grew to love it for that.

Maybe Krypton was the same? The first season felt so beholden to the terrible Man of Steel with dull, plodding, predictable stories and plots it really was one of the worse shows I’ve had to watch. But season two just, round the edges, started to get a little sillier, a little more comic booky and the characters started to break out of their two dimensional shells. This wasn't a good show, it was mostly a bad one but the cast where generally very good and likable (even Georgina Campbell grew on me in the last couple of episodes) and they often elevated the terrible dialogue and poor characterisation. I’m not convinced it would ever have become my new favourite but maybe Krypton just needed to go batshit crazy to find itself and it looks like it’ll now never get that chance.

Krypton (2018–)
Dir: Colm McCarthy | Cast: Ann Ogbomo, Cameron Cuffe, Georgina Campbell, Shaun Sipos | Writers: Damian Kindler, David S. Goyer

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