Krypton: 2.03 Will to Power

Krypton: 2.03 Will to Power

This episode of Krypton, unfortunately, seems to spell the end for our time on Colu but offers some imaginative use of Lobo’s powers before we head back to the grime and misery of Kandor.

Seg and Adam have managed to give Lobo the slip after blowing him to bits in the last episode. Seg is having some pretty standard exposition mind conversations with Brainiac who is still sharing his body. There is some suggestion that Seg might be falling to the darkness of Brainiac’s suggestion but it feels more like Seg is playing the long con. I’m actually enjoying the dynamic between Adam and Seg stuck on Colu, it plays into the style of the Adam Strange character they’ve created better than any of the slightly off kilter wisecracking stuff they had in play previously.

We are getting a cool Zod in this season, even in small doses. I’ve always liked the idea of Zod loving Krypton and his megalomania being tied closely to that love of his home (much like Lex Luthor’s egocentric hatred of Superman being tied to his love of his own planet and human endeavor). Zod is a bad guy here, we can’t trust home and he clearly wants to take over the universe but he shows an aggressive love for his planet. There is a complex darkness to Zod , coupled with his genuine affection for home and family and this is highlighted well in another nice scene of Zod talking about how he lost his mother/future Lyta.

The stuff with Granddad-El and the rebels on the planet moon really is dull and three episodes in I’ve almost lost track of what is going on here. The moon is connected to Krypton by a space lift that keeps sending up soldiers and supplies? Nyssa’s weird double crossing scheme is all a little trite. We also have Jayna and Dev hanging out in the wastelands of Krypton and everytime we switch back and fourth to them or the rebels or Zod and Co. the episode grinds to a halt.

The only really interesting part of the episode is the stuff taking place on Colu. With thanks to his Brainiac shared mind knowledge, Seg takes himself and Adam to find Brainiacs birthing chamber – there is a great scene of Seg and Adam bickering over, firstly, whether or not Seg said Adam should or shouldn’t have eaten some berries they found followed by them arguing over the grossness of the term birthed with Adam likening the phrase to suggesting the planet shit Brainiac out.

Once at the birthing chamber the two have to work fast as Lobo is hot on their tail. Seg’s plan is to use the birthing chamber to extract Brainiac then allow Lobo to kill him. Not the worst plan.

The highlight of this episode is Lobo, having found Seg and Adam, getting his arm chopped off on one side of Adam’s protective force field and then blowing his head off on the other side, so that he regenerates inside the force field with Adam and Seg. Its funny and inventive and just graphic enough to sell the idea well.

To be fair to the show, this is very much a character episode, with the focus being on re-establishing where everyone now is emotionally but so much of it is so dull and drawn out and poorly structured its hard to care. The way we keep switching between the characters actually prevents us from being able to properly invest in the scenes as they happen. Of course, Seg’s plan to extract Brainiac works and an angry Lobo dispatches Brainiac’s new body before he can inhabit it and Adam gets them both back safely to Kandor.

One of my biggest issue with this show in the first season was (apart from how unimaginative, slow and derivative it was) how it took itself too seriously. The stuff we’ve had on Colu has been fun and bright and felt more real than the restrictive sets of Kandor. Every moment in this episode outside of Colu has been bogged down with that stifled, serious vibe. Really this show just needs to lighten up and maybe not try and cram all of the plot threads in each episode!

Krypton (2018–)
Dir: Colm McCarthy | Cast: Ann Ogbomo, Cameron Cuffe, Georgina Campbell, Shaun Sipos | Writers: Damian Kindler, David S. Goyer

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