Krypton: 1.07 Transformation

Krypton continues to lurch forward in its ever predictable spiral of cliché and repeated plot ideas this week, with the unimaginatively titled Transformation (in which people and things transform).

After his failed coup last week, Daron probes himself to be even more of a snivelly, power hungry weed. Brainaic revels himself to Daron as now being the true power behind the Voice of Rao and Daron very quickly agrees to give up Nyssa and Jayna to prove his allegiance, even offering to shoot his own daughter. His character is so weedy and clearly driven by power and self-preservation that this comes with very little personal conflict. It also lacks danger because we know Nyssa is pretty badass and she does indeed thwart her father’s attempt to kill her. I guess she’s sort of a goodie now.

Dev-Em has some stuff to do this week. Though its mostly dying. He gets taken over by Braniac, along with the rest of his squad, which seems to be a kind of death – or at least a very heavy brain(iac)washing – then when he goes all zombie soldier to track down Seg and the gang, Lyta shoots his arm off. So he’s having a pretty bad day.

This is a chess move episode, shifting characters around. In fairness to Krypton the moving of characters doesn’t feel too forced. The most nuanced character is actually probably Jayna, who has some level of development and journey, unlike basically everyone else. We’ve learned about who she is, who she was and what she’s willing to do for those she loves. Nyssa I sort of quite like too, her allegiance change this week is pretty speedy but I think it could just be a character trait. It all would be more satisfying if it hadn’t been so obvious form episode one but never mind.

So team Seg is now made up of basically everyone who isn’t Braniac of Daron. They all want to defeat Braniac, save Kandor and save Krypton. The only person not on bard is Adam. Adam is moping around the Fortress with Space Grandad getting a pep-talk, leading to probably the most cringe inducing moment this show has managed so far, when he leaves the Fortress quoting Thor: Ragnarock by calling out “Piss of, ghost!”.

This was just awkward. Reminding me of a better moment in a better screen adaptation of a comic from a different publisher while I watch your cheap trash isn’t going to endear me to your show. Adam is hell bent on stopping Seg and Co. from stopping Braniac because it would stop Krypton exploding which would stop Superman coming to earth where he stops all the other bad guys. This is such an unnecessary and unneeded element to this story.

Brainiac is getting super confident now and does some weird, messiah floating above the people on a crest of fire stunt and the Rankless all drop to their knees. All vey impressive but the Rankless are so poorly drawn and developed I don’t believe that they are all this stupid, mindless and religiously motivated. Stop trying to be politically and culturally allegorical Krypton, you’re not good at it!

This show is proving harder and harder to get through, its messy, un-engaging and actually leaves me irritated by the end of each episode. Of course I know that many people have worked very, very hard to make the best product they can but unfortunately the end result is a show that looks cheap and feels like no one really cares…

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