Jessica Jones: 2.10 AKA Pork Chop

So, to episode 10 of season 2: AKA Pork Chop. I’m still not entirely sure who or what the pork chop of the title is referring to, but by the end of the episode I didn’t really care. Boy, oh boy, things are finally starting to actually kick off, in the best kind of way.

Let’s start with Jeri. Poor Jeri Hogarth. She really messed up big time. It turns out that Inez and miracle healer Shawn were taking Jeri for a ride the whole time.  In hindsight, it makes total sense. Inez never told anyone about Shawn other that Jeri; she only mentioned him once she’d found out Jeri was ill, and she was desperate enough to believe her. Mind you, I feel quite sorry for her. Inez and Shawn have made off with all of her jewellery, money and presumably some expensive items, and Jeri is going to die alone. Added to that, the knowledge that she let her guard down and trusted them both only to be taken for a ride, which probably hurts Jeri more than anything else. She’s used to holding the power in everything she does, but this time it’s been taken away.

Trish has also been feeling the power struggle as she completely bombs her auditions with news channel ZCN. She can’t hold it together long enough to get through a single sentence. To make matters worse, Trish decides that she needs to go after Karl because Jessica isn’t doing enough to find him. Of course, Jessica has already found him but she’s promised to keep him safe in exchange for her mother taking a plea bargain. This is another issue altogether - but Jessica finally manages to convince Alisa that Karl will be safe, and spending life in prison will be better than going to The Raft - a superhero prison with no outside contact. Alise eventually agrees.

Except then Trish has to go in and ruin everything in an addiction fuelled play to further her journalistic career. She tells Malcolm that IGH needs stopping (for some reason Malcolm is still hanging out with her, despite the whole ‘take the drugs’ thing), but we’re more savvy to Trish’s wiley ways. Clearly pitching somewhere between jump-starting her superhero career and breaking a news story, Trish is determined to get Dr Karl if it’s the last thing she does. And it just might be…

Before Jessica can catch up with her, Trish has rendered Malcolm unconscious, shoved him in the boot of the car, kidnapped Karl and left the hotel - her whereabouts unknown. Whilst Jessica’s been wrapped up (rightly so) with her mummy-issues, she hasn’t noticed Trish’s spiral into complete mania so it comes as a shock when she realises Trish may have done this. I expect this will be the end of Trish and Malcolm’s friendship/romantic relationship though. There’s nothing quite like locking an ex-lover in the boot of your car to signify the end of a friendship, is there?

Mama Jones isn’t doing too well in prison as she becomes the target of sadistic prison officer. Jessica later discovers that this isn’t the first time he has done this, and on breaking into his house she finds a stash of inmate number labels among his hunting trophy. The implication is that he enjoys hunting prisoners too - and Alisa may just be next. Before this plan can come to fruition though, he is killed. Not by Alisa, but Jessica. This doesn’t look great for someone who’s been denouncing themselves as a killer for the past 10 episodes. What’s Jessica going to do now? I have literally no idea, and I cannot wait to find out.

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