Jessica Jones: 2.05 AKA Consider The Octopus

After a bit of a meandering start to the season, episode five AKA Consider the Octopus is where things start really kicking off. Trish is on some super-drug, Jessica’s in jail, the killer is smashing up pianos, Oscar turns out to be a truly Nice Guy, Jessica visits the aquarium and Malcolm’s been promoted to an associate at Alias Investigations.

At the end of the last episode, Jessica had a one way ticket to a jail cell. Fortunately, Jeri is on hand to help out, and soon enough, Jessica is free to go. The whole scenario takes up a lot of screentime in order to tell us that cops don’t like superheros - which is something that we are already very aware of.

Elsewhere, Trish wakes up with the mother of all hangovers after snorting/inhaling some of Simpson’s stash of super-strength drugs. There’s been multiple references this season alone to Trishs’ former alcoholism and her stint in rehab, so seeing Trish taking a highly addictive substance is not welcome news. Pam uses this as a way to regain some control over her daughters' life and weirdly, Trish lets her. One can only imagine that Trish is so compliant because she’s still feeling the effects of the drugs, but it seems oddly out of character considering Trish previously told her mother to essentially do one.

Pam (unbeknown to Trish) ends up leading her to a surprise proposal celebration, orchestrated by Griffin. He pops the question in an absurdly PDA manner (complete with all of Trishs’ family in attendance), but Trish realises this isn’t what she wants. Griffin, in the same scene, implies to Jessica that she should just let Trish be happy for once. Jessica - tired and emotionally drained from spending the last two days in a prison cell - leaves the party. Jessica’s own insecurities and guilt have a lot to answer for here, but so does Trish’s behaviour. She makes only a fleeting comment about Jess being arrested, and doesn’t seem to be all that bothered. She does, of course, have a few other things on her mind (her drug use and marriage proposal), but she isn’t being a particularly good friend to Jess in that moment.

Ultimately, Trish declines Griffin’s proposal, and the episode closes with her deciding to inhale more of Simpson’s drugs. This is a downward spiral for Trish. She’s always been frustrated that Jess is more physically capable than her, which in turn leads to Trish often having to be saved or sitting on the sidelines whilst Jess gets her hands dirty. This, plus Trish’s addictive personality, is a recipe for absolute disaster. I’m glad the writers are giving Trish her own storyline, however. She’s a complex character than can do much more than she has been allowed to in the past.

On the subject of complex characters - Malcolm is also undergoing a transformation this season. He’s working for Alias Investigations and so far his job has involved everything from waking Jessica up in the morning, cleaning up her burgled apartment and routinely getting ‘fired’. In AKA Consider the Octopus, Jessica seems to have a sudden epiphany about what a good partner and friend she has in Malcolm, and promptly gives him a promotion. It may also be because, at that point in time, she was stuck behind bars. Either way, Malcolm deserves a break and maybe he is finally getting one?

It’s not exactly clear what the bigger picture is right now, but it seems that Octopus DNA might have a lot to do with it. That is a sentence I never thought I would type.

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