Jessica Jones: 2.04 AKA God Help the Hobo

Last episode, Jessica tried hypnosis. This episode, she’s at her court ordered anger management class - her punishment for almost punching the lights out of Pryce Chang in the episode one. Personally, I’d say he deserved it but alas, the law does not agree. The anger management session is akin to an AA meeting; everyone is sat in a circle and encouraged to bounce a ball against a wall whilst confessing their sins. When it comes to Jessica’s turn she actually articulates what has happened to her for the very first time. Though the scene is not without humour (the counsellor hurriedly signing off on her attendance in horror after she breaks the ball and the wall), it’s also an important one. Above all else, Jessica actually uses the word rape to describe what Kilgrave did to her which feels like a big turning point.

Whilst Jessica’s bouncing balls instead of… well other types of balls, Trish is on the warpath in two very different ways. As expected Jess gets pretty annoyed that Trish went to Max, but when he doesn’t deliver the goods, Trish and Jess get nasty. Instead of leaking the video of Max admitting to peodophilia, Trish shows it to her his lead actress - a girl of about the same age as Trish was when Max abused her. Though Trish is really outing Max for her own benefit (to get a contact), there is a sense of camaraderie which has felt so strongly throughout women in the film industry in the last few months. It would have been nicer if there was no ulterior motive on Trishs’ part and the catharsis of the moment is kind of overshadowed by this.

It turns out that Jeri Hogarth has been diagnosed with ALS, a motor neurone disease for which there is no known cure. This doesn’t faze Jeri though, who is unwilling to go down without a fight despite the fact that a pretty big one is brewing. Her partners want her out due to her illness (and because she’s morally repugnant) but Jeri isn’t having any of it. In the meantime, she begins asking her doctor about the possibility of alternative medicine which is the biggest hints so far that Jeri is going to get wrapped up in IGH’s medical experiments sooner than we may think. Uh oh.

This type of characterisation has been one of Jessica Jones greatest strengths, and has been from day one. Rosenberg and the writing team allow their female characters to have flaws. Not just small ones either - massive flaws which (sometimes) turn them into horrible people. In other words, they are human. Jeri is a career-driven, intelligent and motivated woman. She’s also power hungry, selfish and out for herself alone. She doesn’t want friends or peers, she wants people she can control. Jeri harbours just as much anger as Jessica and has proved that she’s more than happy to use her position of power to manipulate people into doing what she wants. With the addition of super powers, Jeri could be quite unstoppable and not in a good way. We’ll see how this unfolds.

Following on from last episodes revelations about the prominent men in the series, Griffin becomes even more suspicious. I’m predicting another twist fairly soon, and perhaps Griffin won’t be the big bad at all, but all arrows currently lead to a big betrayal. Oscar, on the other hand, finally realises that Jessica isn’t the monster he thinks she is and the two of them almost end up getting it on. Jessica’s not exactly been one for long-term romances - or anything lasting more than one night really - so this is a lovely change of pace for the show. Oscar seems to balance out Jessica’s anger, but also has his own flaws. He also keeps mentioning how important his son is to him, which (in true comic book style) means that something is almost certainly going to happen to him.

Speaking of men, this leads us to Pryce Chang, contender for the most irritating man alive. AKA God Help the Hobo ends all of the files on IGH being stolen from Jessica’s apartment, including her laptop. They’re taken by Nick, an associate of Chang’s, only for him to then be brutally murdered by not-Leslie Hansen or ‘the killer’ as she is now being referred to. As Jessica and Trish arrive back to her apartment block, so do the police and they immediately arrest Jessica. Not an ideal situation, but if there’s one person who can get herself out of a jail cell, it’s Jessica Jones...

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