Jessica Jones: 2.02 AKA Freak Accident

AKA Freak Accident, the second episode of the Jessica Jones season two, goes straight in for the jugular. Pursuing a lead on Doctor Koslov, Jessica makes a startling discovery when she turns up at his funeral. It’s a good job she consistently wears black though - I guess you never know when you are going to accidently attend a wake.

In an attempt to force Jessica to confront her past, Trish takes a risk and returns the ashes of her brother, mother and father to her. It isn’t well received at first, but towards the end of the episode, it seems that Jessica might be close to actually starting to deal with her tragic past. Meanwhile, Trish is doing some dredging of her own uncomfortable past - namely having breakfast with her terrible excuse for a mother. This isn’t a courtesy call though, Trish needs a contact from her in order to further pursue her investigations into IGH.

It’s an established fact that Trish’s mother is an awful person but the revelations in AKA Freak Accident put Pam in a whole new light. As Trish says, Pam essentially pimped her out to a director to ensure her role in his new film when she was only 15. It’s heartbreaking and very relevant, especially in light of the #MeToo movement.

It’s also a touching moment in terms of just how far Trish is willing to go for her friend - a friend who routinely pushes her away. Trish cares so deeply for Jessica that she walks into the trailer of her former abuser (she was a minor, so it’s abuse whichever way you sell it) to try and get information that may or may not give Jessica some peace of mind. She’s also acutely aware that Jessica may just reject all of this anyway. Hopefully, if this carries on, Trish will come into her own in season two. She’s a fantastically complex character and it would be great to see more of her in her own light rather than as Jessica’s sidekick.

Talking of complex characters, Jeri Hogarth is having a breakdown. After being given some sort of horrible medical news - credit to director Minkie Spiro for choosing to forego dialogue in this scene - Jeri goes on a bender of her own. Jeri’s behaviour is that of someone on the edge, and it takes being witnessed by Chang for her to snap out of it. Usually a woman of self control and stature, it’s clear that Jeri is suffering badly from both her news and the events of season one. Of course, we are just waiting to see how this ties in with Jessica’s narrative - but it’s an interesting subplot all the same.

Revealing the ‘monster’ to be Simpson was a predictable narrative twist, but Jessica Jones is smarter than that. Simpson’s short lived screen-time was a shock, but one which needed to happen in order to drop the audience into the unknown once again. Now the fun can really begin.  So far, the show hasn’t had much in the way of a definitive direction but this reveal gives something for Jessica, Malcolm and Trish to cling on to and pursue.

The title, of course, refers to both the car crash which has shaped the rest of Jessica’s life and the notion that she is a freak, something her bathroom-fling at the bar made sure she did not forget. Here’s to the freaks - it makes for some fantastic TV.

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