Jane The Virgin: 5.19 Chapter One Hundred

Jane The Virgin: 5.19 Chapter One Hundred

What about Chapter Ninety-Nine you might ask? The 'penultimate' episode acts as a recap of the legacy, loves and lives Jane the Virgin leaves behind and pretty much strives to make as many people as possible start crying. Chapter One Hundred then, the shows finale,  continues on the tears objective. However, this is from the happy ending our characters have been chasing.

It's a tradition, we're told, to finish a telenovela with a wedding; so fulfilling this is finally Jane & Rafael's big day. It's impossible to talk solely about the final episode without mentioning all that has gone before it. It's been a hell of a journey for Jane and her family and central to everything else, this is a story about family. The finale is Jane the Virgin in its tone and presentation until the very last moment. Tears are exchanged as often as laughs throughout the finale and nods are made towards previous moments included in the five seasons.

During Chapter Ninety-Nine, the Villanueva women describe the porch outside Alba's home as the "porch of tears" due to how often scenes that included crying were placed here. Luisa provided the high comedy moment during her rehearsal dinner speech of a simple "you're welcome" after explaining the whole artificial insemination which put in place the sequence of events that gave us the show. Jane the Virgin has never been really about the destination, more than the stops along the way. I'm sounding poetic and philosophical but the show has always had the whimsical feel.

It was the wedding that will remain with us many years later. You know the one where the groom gets arrested for running through a barricade after dropping off his bride-to-be's bookending that sold for half a million dollars. At the same point, the bride rents out a public bus to pick him up by paying the bus driver $5,000 and each subsequent passenger on the bus $200 to forgo any and all places they once had, that old chestnut.

Placing the bows on storylines we see Petra and JR getting back together curtesy of Rafael, Lena announcing that she's pregnant and Rogelio's 'This is Mars' pilot blowing up and him crossing over to mainstream fame in America and Jane getting her book published. Oh, and Rafael calling him Dad, which with Rogelio, you never know which one means more to him. We even get the reveal that the narrator is a grown-up Mateo.

Well, friends, it seems we have come to the end of our time looking over the life of Jane Gloriana Villanueva. Lessons have been learned and insights have been gained into a family and way of life little seen on TV and I for one am going to miss it. Please send Ro-covery baskets in this trying time.

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