Jane The Virgin: 5.14 Chapter Ninety-Five

Jane The Virgin: 5.14 Chapter Ninety-Five

A storm is inching its way towards the doorsteps of our characters in Chapter Ninety-Five. Let's start at the end with the 'To Be Continued' moment being Petra's mother, Magda turning up in the backseat of Petra's car. Watching a character at the end of an episode in a car talking on the phone always sends alarm bells ringing. The character will normally mention something like "I'll see you soon" or be engaged in a sweet exchange with the person on the other side. I always get the feeling that something is going to happen and that something is normally a car crash. As Magda threatens Petra due to her daughter now owning 100% of the hotel, that something once again happens as the sound of a car crash is audible as we fade out.

For Jane and Rafael, wedding planning is a priority. Well, they both mean it to be, however, with the return of Jane's best friend Lena and Petra offering Rafael a job at the hotel it like Magda takes a back seat. Lena comes not only to assist with Jane's wedding dress but to ask whether Jane would be able to give up one of her eggs to assist in Lena and husband Danny have a baby.

The friendship between Jane and Lena has always been portrayed well, even though the writing did leave Lena looking one dimensional in the early seasons. This question from Lena allows for a conversation with Raf, who ultimately decides that he doesn't want to have any more kids. Lena leaves with the decision of asking one of her sisters to donate an egg and a sketch of Jane's Wedding dress.

In another form of nurturing a baby, Rogelio is rallying to have his baby 'This Is Mars' picked up after shooting on the pilot concluded. Using Instagram to document his world eventually comes in clutch as the newly permitted member of nursing school, Xo diagnosis of an issue with his heart brings about a visit to the hospital. All is thankfully fine and Rogelio's frantic worrying is to blame.

The narrator is at his sassiest during the episode and this never fails to create another level of amusement. The use of the narrator in Jane the Virgin is done with such fun that it very rarely misses its mark. It has been said that we will discover the identity of the narrator in this, the final season and I'm certainly looking forward to this reveal.

Jane the Virgin (2014–)
Dir: N/A | Cast: Andrea Navedo, Gina Rodriguez, Jaime Camil, Yael Grobglas | Writer: Jennie Snyder Urman

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