Jane The Virgin: 5.13 Chapter Ninety-Four

Jane The Virgin: 5.13 Chapter Ninety-Four

Let's...Lotería. Last week's episode was musical themed; this week we have an old Villaneuva board game favourite 'Juego De Lotería' taking centre stage. Many of us will have a family game night story where the competitiveness got a little too much. We discover that story between Xiomara and Alba.

The rules were if Xiomara won she got to audition for a Disney cruise. If Alba won, Xo doesn't and never mentions it again. Many years later, Xo is still convinced that her mother cheated to win. Grudges run deep in Lotería. Chapter Ninety-Four's board game theme is heightened with on-screen graphics that tie into the main story. Namely, Petra and Krishna's plan to secure the hotel back from Milos and Jane and Rafael's engagement.

Speaking off Jane and Rafael's engagement, everyone is thrilled to see them back together. Everyone except Mateo who doesn't take much notice and both his parents believe this to be related to his ADHD medication. It's later discovered that Mateo feels they will break up again or Michael will come back to steal Jane away. Rafael also feels the same and attempts to rush through a ceremony complete with fist punched walls and stain cover entrances. Nothing says till death do us part like unknown stains. All these feelings culminate in a wedding day discussion wherein Rafael says to Jane that he is unsure whether he can trust her. Jane settles these thoughts with a speech worthy of vows and the decision is made to push back the wedding. Well, minus the mini one that Mateo holds for his parents.

'This is Mars' continues to bring us Rogelio gold, this time in the form of his martian tail that he decides to Daniel Day-Lewis his approach and wears wherever he goes. In very few shows can a man walking around with martian tail strike you as feasible. Being portrayed by Jamie Camil, Rogelio De La Vega puts as much passion into his craft as he puts thought into his skincare regime. Regardless of how elaborate the situation seems to be, you simply take the ticket and go on the ride with him as you know he believes what he's doing is best.

Also unsure of what's best, Xo is thinking through going to school to become a nurse. In her attempt to research, she quickly panics when faced with words and terminology that is unfamiliar. An easy solution to this, Alba thinks is to get out Lotería. This time Alba is caught cheating by the wondering tail of Rogelio and Alba explains that in their match it was Xiomara's father, not Alba who had cheated. The thought was that since her dad and Xo were so close, Alba didn't wish to ruin that and allowed her to believe that she had cheated. Xiomara later admits to being overwhelmed and during a conversation with Rogelio makes the decision to give it a shot.

The to be continued moment comes from the narrator this time around as he mentions that Jane and Rafael's upcoming wedding going smoothly is "not in the cards."

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