Jane The Virgin: 5.12 Chapter Ninety-Three

Jane The Virgin: 5.12 Chapter Ninety-Three

Chapter Ninety-Three brings us an insight into what a Jane the Virgin: The Musical would look like and you can count me in. As always, we're mixing the absurd with the at times, painfully real. Let's recap, friends.

Jane and Rafael broke up, Petra and JR broke up when JR moved to Houston, Jorge and Alba got married for real, Xiomara got the all clear from her cancer treatment, Rogelio rejected River Fields and Mateo was diagnosed with ADHD. AND BREATHE.

Mateo shares news of the school musical and of his part as the tree. This allows the musical elements to fit nicely into the ongoing plot. Jane and Rafael decide to place Mateo on medication for his ADHD after a disruptive rehearsal session and a live performance that ends abruptly with Mateo shouting into the audience. The natural progression of options and attempts allow the watcher to understand and feel the gravity of this decision.

Weeks have now passed since Rogelio rejected the advances from River Fields and is sure that revenge is just around the corner. He agonizes over what may be coming and has cupcakes tasted for poison and hires Laird, a bodyguard who turns out to be from Darcy's love agency. The revenge, River explains was allowing his mind to run wild and stress over potential revenge plots. Dwight K. Schrute once said, "In the end, the greatest snowball isn't a snowball at all: It's fear." Rogelio, being the overdramatic actor he is, allows the snowball to gain size and speed in his mind as River sits back and enjoys the show.

Since being given the all clear, Xiomara declares that she is "soaking up life now that I can" and begins getting back into her life before cancer. In the best scene of the episode, she admits to Rogelio that she feels ungrateful due to still feeling lost when she should be joyful. Xo's character arc continues to add depth as she continues on this journey. Andrea Navedo deserves a bunch of credit for the portrayal of Xiomara for the subtlety and nuance brought to the role.

Petra brings back Krishna in exchange for triple pay as well as a lunch hour each day and Petra using the words please and thank you when applicable. In our intrigue part of the show, Krishna visits Milos to state that even though he's threatening to sell the Marbella if Petra doesn't lie under oath, she won't do so. Krishna offers her services to Milos so we'll have to wait to see where this takes us.

Jorge and Alba's new life together leads Jane to the conclusion that she should get her own place. Raf and Jane are in a good place so Jane recruits him for the house hunt and provides a list of qualities the new place should have. During this process, she meets Julie, the girl Rafael is now dating who is played by Sophia Bush. The character of Julie is used as a plot device to get Rafael and Jane back together. This reunion leads us to the all singing, all dancing portion of Chapter Ninety-Three and much is to be enjoyed by it.

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