Jane The Virgin: 5.09 Chapter Ninety

Jane The Virgin: 5.09 Chapter Ninety

And we're back! The previous few episodes have been somewhat lost in its direction so it's great to have the show back to full strength. Let's take a look back at Chapter Ninety.

We're thrust forward as Jane and her father start work on the show built around the notes given to them on 'The Passions of Steve and Brenda' and turning it into 'This is Mars.' A fantastically overdramatic series that spans multiple timelines and even galaxies. Watching Rogelio get excited is always fun to watch as it looks like the moment the opening chords of Mr. Brightside gets played at 11:45 pm at a majority white people wedding. I have been guilty of this many times in my life. The well-rehearsed pitch and subsequent celebration dance lead them in front of River Fields who states that although she loves the idea, she wants another writer to pen the script rather than Jane.

Jane states the five key structural elements of a good pilot as being drive, obstacle, complication, resolution and cliffhanger. Now, as life begins to imitate art (at least from Jane's POV) we also manoeuvre through these points as pointed out by our narrator.

As I've mentioned the drive and obstacle part of the story, the complication comes in the form of Jane discovering that Rogelio contacted the publisher and offered to pay them back if 10,000 copies of her book didn't sell. This plot point was well implemented and you really sympathised with both parties. Jane the Virgin shines bright when they manage to take the potentially outlandish and ground this into heartfelt reality. Chapter Ninety brings this all back and although it's something they have rarely misplaced, I do feel that the last couple of chapters struggled with its footing.

Away from Jane and Rogelio, we have Rafael agreeing to ask Jane about Luisa meeting Mateo and Jane somewhat reluctantly agreeing. This brings us the cliffhanger at the end with Luisa's "friend" Bobby sneaking into Rafael's apartment and cop Dennis informing him that he believes Luisa and Rose are still working together.

My favourite scene once again goes to one with Xiomara and Alba. During the planning of the wedding of Jorge and Alba, Xo decides that as the Cattleya Mossiaeis Orchid is the national flower of Venezuela, that should accompany her mother down the aisle. All doesn't go according to plan as the flower doesn't arrive in time. Xiomara states that she simply wanted to do this one thing to repay her mother for always being there. A real nuanced scene that captures a lot of their growing relationship as mother and daughter as well as friends.

Hopefully, we will continue to see the momentum build from this episode as life after Michael allows us all to move on.

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